Pudding up a quick treat !

Four brown bread slices , an egg , some sugar , some milk and a super craving for something sweet resulted in this quick pudding ! I had a generous portion and it felt sooooooooo good !

Yum freshly baked warm pudding = Afternoon delight !

What went in  –

  • Four slice brown bread ( cut the edges)
  • I tbsp butter ( apply ligthly on one side of each bread )
  • I cup milk ( warm)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Vanilla essence  – 1 tsp
  • Nuts ( I used cashew  nuts , a few raisins )
  • Saffron
  • Cinnamon powder


Step 1 – cut the edges of the brown bread , apply butter on one side of each slice , cut cubes and arrange in the baking dish


Warm 1 cup milk and dissolve sugar


One egg whisked


Add the whisked egg to the milk and sugar , let the milk cool before you do or else the egg begins to form lumps . Pour over the bread.


Let the bread soak for about 5 minutes ( preheat the oven for 5 minutes)


Top it with nuts , cinnamon powder and some saffron and into the oven it goes for 40 minutes


Out  and inside the tummy in a jiffy 🙂

and then a nap – priceless !

















Celebrating us !

Happy eighth Ry – with all my love and madness and more 

For the sane times and the crazy days

For bringing back my smiles on those deep blue days

For seeing me fall and rise and fall

For understanding who I really am , beyond the names I’m called

For holding my hand when I’m writhing in pain

For teaching me what it is to dance in the rain

For showing me your scars and accepting mine

For celebrating our imperfections , for believing we’re fine


For the giggles, the songs , the games , the fights

For the warm embraces and those velvet nights

For letting me live and love the way I do

For letting me journey through life with you

Thank you .

( For the toughest year I gave you , I am sorry and for the way you’ve seen me through , I’m proud of you. God bless you Ry. ) For the 16 years of oink oink times ….cheers ! Hope you love the cake 🙂

Fondant flashback !

Have been wondering about what to bake this year for our eighth anniversary . With just a day left to figure that out, I began looking at different fondant fun times I’ve had in the last year and a half. Haven’t really been able to work with fondant as much as I’d like to but found these in my folder . Brought back some wonderful moments from some very special days 🙂


Our seventh anniversary cake –  Owlways best friends !


Mum in Law’s birthday – double fun !


From the first fondant class !!! Just couldn’t get the smooth finish right 😦

Fondant is fun but so much work …I think this year it will be more basic . Any ideas ?





Happiness is homemade cookies :)

I love nankhatais ! Eggless  and so easy to make , with just four ingredients , these Indian cookies are simply yum. As a child , when friends would come over during diwali with their plates of home made goodies ( the days when readymade sweets and fancy packaging was not cool) , my sister and I would look for chaklis and nankhatais and relish those more than anything else .


I have been baking these for over a year now and decided to bake some yesterday for the family . The microwave decided to trouble me and refused to go into convection mode and a sudden grunting sound felt like a warning that it wasn’t going to budge. So I had to go to mum’s and tried baking them there for the first time .


Unfamiliar with the settings and with no manual at hand , I baked just four at first , and when those turned out well , three dozen nankhatais were ready in no time. Happiness is baking cookies for those you love , even though you can’t have any !

http://www.betterbutter.in/recipe/4353/nankhatai ( This is pretty similar to how I make them , if you wish to give it a go !)


Bake , Love , Heal :)

Am not sure if this is where I come back to being a regular blogger , but I felt like a post today , so here I am. Thank you Nee , Chev , Theeraj , K , Freda and Ishu for checking on me , the messages and the concern . I hope to catch up soon.

I baked a special cake for a very special aunt , my godma . The wittiest of them all , a smile that soothes , the life of parties , the favourite in the family and above all a fighter !

Four months after a fairy tale wedding ,  the handsome sailor left never to return . Godma waited and so did the rest of us , hoping and praying he’d come back . He never did . He did leave us with something to look forward to… a baby was to be born in a few months. I saw Godma weeping, breaking , praying and then picking up the pieces . It has been 21 years since my cousin was born , since the sailor chose to never look back and all these years she’s still spreading joy , love and touching lives with her generosity .She’s my friend , understands my madness , stays up with me all night when we have sleep overs and has heard me out right from those silly crushes in school to the more intense relationships and feelings that have left me distraught.

My biggest grouse of having the silliest pet name ‘Pinky’ ( ouch ouch ouch) has a lot to do with her and I don’t know why she insists that I should tie my hair neatly but I love her so much !

‘Back to school’ was the theme of her party and I wanted to make it special for her . I received a sweet message from her late last night and it made me happy that she loved it all.

As I was making the crayons for the cake , I did have a white one ready too. Didn’t put it on the cake though . An epiphany of sorts …felt like that was me ….a white crayon…desperately trying to fit into someone’s life , only to be as irrelevant as a white crayon….whose presence or absence doesn’t make much of a difference .

Like dad awlays says  ‘ Like godma , like godchild ‘ .  She held it together and so will I .

Until the next time ..bake , love and heal 🙂

— Pri





And I say thank you for the music !

It is a surprise birthday party for my first jive partner , my first piano teacher and the one who pampered me spoilt when I was a kid – my Godpa !

We all have our favourite uncles and aunts , the ones whom we can confide in , the ones who influence us more than others. I still remember the first keyboard I received as a present , I must have been 3 years old and a photograph of my uncle playing ,with a note written behind the picture ‘ Darling Pinky , one day I hope you play better than your Godpa’ .


Although I was gifted a piano a few years later , that first keyboard with those words ( which I couldn’t read then but my mum preserved that picture for me !!!!) remains extremely special !

I baked Godpa a cake , my attempt to tell him that he was my biggest motivator and gifted me , in some  way , the love for music!  Happy Birthday Godpa !

— that mishmash