She left

He had been looking out of the window for an hour now . She had left  and wasn’t coming back . As he poured himself a cup of tea , he remembered the numerous arguments that had been going on for a few days . He had tried in vain to calm his mother and coax Sarita not to leave. Would he find another Sarita? Trustworthy and efficient domestic help had never been easy to find in Bombay .

Urban tales 🙂


He said YES

Her hands trembled and she was whispering prayers  as she waited for him to respond . He looked uncertain and those few moments of silence felt like eternity . “Yes”, he said and she jumped into the autorickshaw. She was going to make it to work on time today:)

I wish I were lost deep in the woods

where there’s no one to hear

the shouts and screams that until now

were only silent tears

I wish I could dive into ice cold rivers

that would numb me head to toe

and sink to the bottom with my secrets

of which no one will know

I wish the burden that weighs me down

would just crumble and fall

and with it every bit of me

my failures , follies and all








Clip art

I stopped by a new store to buy some paper and glue and found these cute wooden cut outs in a box .  Am guessing these are used as charms in crafting jewellery , but I picked them up for some tic tac fun . Also , used a couple on a few paper clips and they look so adorable 🙂 IMG_0413IMG_0416image