Sea , sky and tint




This is me

Eyebrows that beg to be shaped

Hair and heels that need some love

This is me

I feel ugly on some days

I feel confident on other days

This is me

I am coping with mental health issues

Physically I wish I was healthier

But I do the best I can

This is me

I have loved and betrayed

Been loved and betrayed

I am learning

This is me

I have lost people ,

Those I can never see again

Those who’d rather not see me

This is me

I have given up hopelessly

Then picked myself up

This is me

I am not as weak as I once thought I was

I am stronger than I think I am

This is me .






Monkeys of Matheran


Monkeys have made Matheran their home . They are everywhere , leaping , hanging around , on roofs , on the bazaar road , near tiny eateries , on roof tops . They can be amusing or aggressive . I had many for company around the place I was staying at.

Clean up 
Like a thumb sucking toddler 
Hide and seek
The whole family watching us as we watch them 
Sleepy baby 

Much monkey love !


Word pictures ,I painted

of myself, stare at me

Dark , broken , desperate

I don’t like what I see.

Why did I  only dip brushes

in shades of black and grey,

when happy hues on the palette

hadn’t really dried away.

I cannot paint over those

reminders of love and pain

but am pulling out fresh canvas

to begin anew again.


Moving day

Finally !

I don’t have much that I’m taking along. The real ordeal has been about letting go and leaving behind . A few broken promises, relationships that have too many cracks and now beyond repair, people I placed in forgotten niches, journals that have more smudges from tears than stories in ink .

I look at what I’m taking along . It is so little , am scared , but there’s much to gain and look forward to .

I’m moving on to happier days , kinder people and more smiles . I think it’s time 🙂

One day at a time

I wake up to shouts of victory

Invictus , invictus , invcitus !

But as the sun dims ,

chants change .

As the stars appear ,

I wish to crawl into myself and disappear.

Thunder and my heart compete ,

I think I’ll deafen or be torn apart .

Then a lull , am asleep  and alive ,

until I awake to familiar shouts

Invictus , Invictus , Invictus !