Sister act

Happiness is putting up a silly act with your sister and laughing till it hurts 🙂 IMG_5392



Subdued ashen shades of silver

Washed onto a vibrant shore

Grooves telling stories in muted tones

Dampened by the billow’s roar


A keen eyed drifter seduced

Dreams fashioned from the splint

The meagre piece preciously reshaped

Where none before had seen the glint.

that mishmash ( dedicated to all those who see beauty where others see none 🙂 and to H , thank you for helping me find myself. You are brilliant: ))

This one is a repost . Looking at pictures of the Driftwood museum in Kerala brought back memories of this poem .

Down, not out

Not all will walk with you to the end

Some will leave midway

There’ll be those you choose to leave behind

Even though they wished to stay

Some will reach out when you stumble

Some may stand and watch you crawl

But YOU are your best bet darling

No one can replace YOU , none at all

Each one has their own battles

There’s only that much that one can do

If you’ve got to rise from the ashes

You’ve got to find strength to live anew

Every time you think you are alone

Wondering how you’ll make it through

Listen to the Keeper of the stars saying,

” There’s so much left inside of YOU”.

( I must thank three people I’ve met on WP who’ve reached out when I’ve been low , Nee my sweetheat , K who manages to put a smile on my face with all his encouragement  and H who made me believe in myself when I was in the dumps. I hope someday Nee reads this , I know K will and I hope H finds peace always 🙂 )






It’s ok

It’s ok to rip the mask and to bare all

To bring down brick by brick that unflinching wall

It’s ok sometimes to wail in pain

And let tears fall without restrain

It’s ok to scream and wonder why

And look up blankly at the sky

It’s ok to let your jaded body be still

And not hurriedly rouse a weakened will

It’s ok to wish it was easier than it is

To plead to fate ‘not now , not this’

It’s ok sometimes to want to flee

Where eyes that judge you cannot see

It’s ok if none can understand

They simply cannot , though you think they can

It’s ok to celebrate each bruise , each scar

Sometimes it’s ok to be what you are

It’s ok to flounder and stagger and fall

Until you find strength to rise and stand tall