Subdued ashen shades of silver

Washed onto a vibrant shore

Grooves telling stories in muted tones

Dampened by the billow’s roar


A keen eyed drifter seduced

Dreams fashioned from the splint

The meagre piece preciously reshaped

Where none before had seen the glint.

that mishmash ( dedicated to all those who see beauty where others see none 🙂 and to H , thank you for helping me find myself. You are brilliant: ))

This one is a repost . Looking at pictures of the Driftwood museum in Kerala brought back memories of this poem .

Down, not out

Not all will walk with you to the end

Some will leave midway

There’ll be those you choose to leave behind

Even though they wished to stay

Some will reach out when you stumble

Some may stand and watch you crawl

But YOU are your best bet darling

No one can replace YOU , none at all

Each one has their own battles

There’s only that much that one can do

If you’ve got to rise from the ashes

You’ve got to find strength to live anew

Every time you think you are alone

Wondering how you’ll make it through

Listen to the Keeper of the stars saying,

” There’s so much left inside of YOU”.

( I must thank three people I’ve met on WP who’ve reached out when I’ve been low , Nee my sweetheat , K who manages to put a smile on my face with all his encouragement  and H who made me believe in myself when I was in the dumps. I hope someday Nee reads this , I know K will and I hope H finds peace always 🙂 )






It’s ok

It’s ok to rip the mask and to bare all

To bring down brick by brick that unflinching wall

It’s ok sometimes to wail in pain

And let tears fall without restrain

It’s ok to scream and wonder why

And look up blankly at the sky

It’s ok to let your jaded body be still

And not hurriedly rouse a weakened will

It’s ok to wish it was easier than it is

To plead to fate ‘not now , not this’

It’s ok sometimes to want to flee

Where eyes that judge you cannot see

It’s ok if none can understand

They simply cannot , though you think they can

It’s ok to celebrate each bruise , each scar

Sometimes it’s ok to be what you are

It’s ok to flounder and stagger and fall

Until you find strength to rise and stand tall




Phodong : Learning about symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism

It was an extremely perilous journey on that very wet day when we started from Gangtok. I am so thankful to our enthusiastic and cautious driver , who assured us we would make it to Phodong and Labrang , although it would take us longer than usual due to land slides the previous night.

Phodong Monastery 

Imagine travelling 40 km to see a lovely Buddhist temple and get a glimpse of splendid architecture only to find it locked with not a single soul in sight! A young monk appeared after about ten minutes and asked us if we’d like to go inside . We were more than happy and he pulled out a bunch of keys and let us in . What a sight that was ! Grand , ornate and simply out of this world . He informed us that photography was prohibited inside.

Rear of the monastery

Famous for the chaam dance in the month of December , the rest of the year is a quiet period , with very few visitors. The old original monastery was destroyed and what stands today is one that was built in the 1970s. This temple is painted in the five colours ‘panchavarna’ ( white , red, blue , green and yellow ) which have symbolic significance in Tibetan Buddhism.

Atop the front gate

The front gate with the Dharmachakra flanked  by deer gazing at the dharmachakra . The driver told us one represents a male deer and the other a female symbolizing harmony and fidelity.

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Guardian lions in front of the entrance to the temple were quite colourful , different from the plain white ones I have seen before.

The monk informed us that the external walls of the temple are adorned with the 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism . The first one I spotted was the pair of golden fish .

Just below the roof
Bringing the eight symbols together ..can you spot them ?

He pointed out to this one and asked us to look closely , we did see some of the symbols almost instantly …dharma chakra , pair of golden fish , lotus flower , eternal knot ( in blue ) , the overall pattern of a vase , the little umbrella , conch . Am always confused about the banner of victory , so that remained elusive.

He then showed us a few relics from the original temple and let us a click a picture of them.

From the original temple door
The new temple door – top panel 
The painted gallery on the ground floor 

We were also show the long gallery where monks sit and watch the rituals and the Chaam dance during festivities. The wooden chair is probably for the Lama .

A closer look at the wall murals

It’s nice to be able to explore a place sans the maddening crowds. This visit taught me a little about symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism . Will post about Labrang soon. Till then , happy blogging and happy exploring 🙂



Sweets , cheese and a lavish thala in Kolkata

A few days ago I wrote about the fishy and meaty treats that I enjoyed in this wonderful city . Today , it’s all about sweets , more than a century old Jewish bakery , bandel cheese and a delicious spread at Kepwies .

I had read about Kewpies and wanted to sample the thala. This is Kewpies …an inviting cozy place …


I opted for the Amish thala , Gobindobhog bhaat with ghee (rice topped with clarified buter) ,Phulko Luchi ( like a puri), Kosha Mangsho ( mutton curry ), Daab chingri (prawn curry ) , Shukto ( vegetarian preparation), papor (papad) , pickle and mishti doi…and there’s more but I don’t remember the names !



Mishti dhoi and sandesh

Nahoum’s bakery is a Jewish bakery , 114 years old ! As I entered the new market area , it was a sea of people and it took me sometime to get to the bakery . It was nearly closing time . In a hurry , I picked a few things. Of them all , I liked the orange biscuits most and the chicken patties next.

Orange biscuits from Nahoum’s bakery

Rasgullas at KC Das …..’Soft and sweet gifts from food heaven’! I don’t know how many I must have eaten…… I tried restraint after the first one , then a weak resolve and these inviting spongy lovelies made me throw all caution to the wind .

Spongy , sweet and soft

Mr Sweet tooth picked a few assorted sweets. I don’t know what each is called , I tasted the yellow one but found it too sweet .


I was told these are mawa sandesh .
Baked Rasgulla at Bhojohari Manna

Finally found bandel cheese , smoky and crumbly , originating from the erstwhile Portuguese colony Bandel in East India. Two varieties , white (plain) and brown (smoked). A poor quality picture , but this is all I have.

I liked the smoky one more !