Keptomaniac ( new word)

A person addicted to borrowing stuff and not giving it back .




You too ?

Of all that you’ve given me

That moment will always stay

when you struck me ,

my heart you wrenched

and the pain won’t go away.

That little hand I used to hold ,

When I taught you how to write ,

demolished in that moment ,

my dignity and my pride .

Your grudge is that I keep loving

the ones who have wronged me

But I am not you , I must admit,

I forgive quite easily .

Being merciful is weak you say

You’ve called me so many names

While you’re hurt with the pain they’ve inflicted on me

You’ve gone ahead and done the same .


She sat there with the unopened present in front of her . How could he leave without meeting her  ? Had he not received her letters ? She rushed to the main door, hoping to catch up but it was too late . She had specifically written about wanting to give him something special when he came over .  As she carefully hid the small box of sweets she had hoped he would like , she mumbled ,” I hope you’re not so busy next year, Santa . Merry Christmas .”

For better or worse ?

Looking into the mirror , she knew it hadn’t  gone the way they had intended it to . He had made a mess out of her. Tears rolled down as she stared at her lopsided face . He had promised to make her feel better about herself but there she was , struggling to smile and feeling cheated . As she wiped her tears , she knew she’d never see the cosmetic surgeon again .


Mother told her it was all ok and she could finally see him . She stared at the stitches all over his body and began sobbing.  Hugging her mother , she wept , then turned and kissed him . She looked exhausted from all the wailing and shattered that her dog had torn apart her favourite teddy .  Playful Bruno had innocently broken her heart .

She left

He had been looking out of the window for an hour now . She had left  and wasn’t coming back . As he poured himself a cup of tea , he remembered the numerous arguments that had been going on for a few days . He had tried in vain to calm his mother and coax Sarita not to leave. Would he find another Sarita? Trustworthy and efficient domestic help had never been easy to find in Bombay .

Urban tales 🙂

I wish I were lost deep in the woods

where there’s no one to hear

the shouts and screams that until now

were only silent tears

I wish I could dive into ice cold rivers

that would numb me head to toe

and sink to the bottom with my secrets

of which no one will know

I wish the burden that weighs me down

would just crumble and fall

and with it every bit of me

my failures , follies and all