She reads the notice, “ Plastic banned, please carry cloth bags.”

She looks at the people around and wonders about another kind of notice – Plastic smiles banned , please flash genuine smiles only 🙂


Giving in

“ I’m going to make you sweat , until you can sweat no more” , he said .

She looked at him resignedly. He turned on the music , she followed him . What choice did she have , but to give in ?

One can never argue with the Zumba instructor , no ?

Keep me for eternity

The next time we meet

Embrace me for eternity

Let me stay nestled in your arms

Let me make your misty scent mine

I long for your songs to lull me

Don’t coax me to return

To stone cold hearts ,icy arms ,

Stale  promises , discordant music

I feel alive when I’m with you

I don’t belong to the city , dear mountains,

The next time we meet

Keep me for eternity

Smiles :)

Smiles are happy curtains put up so others might not peep into the windows of a melancholic soul .

Songs I listen to often , different languages , lines that ask similar questions , lines that resonate .

From Nat King Cole’s Mona Lisa …. Do you smile to tempt a lover , Mona Lisa ? Or is this your way to hide a broken heart ?

This one sung by Jagjit Singh .


Smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

Warm welcome

“ Come” , she says and signals with her hand . I decline the offer , I don’t think I’d fit in . She rushes inside and a few seconds later she’s back at the door with a cup in her hand , she stretches it towards me , “ Tea”. It’s the perfect bait ! I can never say no to tea.

Minutes later I am sipping imaginary tea from a Peppa cup inside her play house and hug her for her hospitality .

Broken ribs

“ Not again” , mum said as she looked at the damage . This was the second time in three weeks . This time it happened as her daughter was crossing a flooded street in the torrential downpour.Strong gusts of wind had upturned her umbrella , broken its ribs and left it in tatters .