PeQUEUEliar ( new word)

Bizzare encounters/ obeservations when you’re waiting your turn in an endless queue.


She stole him

She was special . No one had looked at him the way she did when he saw her for the first time . He wanted to hold her and kiss her and never let go . His wife , who was watching him closely , knew he would never be the same again , in fact nothing between them would ever be the same . She couldn’t keep those tears from falling as he held their baby girl for the first time .  Everyone in the room knew in that moment , the little girl had stolen his heart ❤️ .

This too shall pass

“I’ve seen better days, those good old days”

did I hear the tear drops say ?

“But am grateful it’s not worse than it is”

whispers the smile that finds its way

My shoulders droop , the body aches

Will they make it to another day ?

” Hold on ” it drums , that throbbing heart

“Neither pain nor pleasure will forever stay.”


The little things


They make me smile

The little things

When my baby claps

And my grandma sings.

They make me smile

The little things

Wild flowers , dancing grass

Merry butterfly wings.

They make me smile

The little things

Paper boats , balloons

Seesaws and swings.

They kiss them all away

heartaches , wounds and stings

They make me smile

They make me smile

These precious little things.





You too ?

Of all that you’ve given me

That moment will always stay

when you struck me ,

my heart you wrenched

and the pain won’t go away.

That little hand I used to hold ,

When I taught you how to write ,

demolished in that moment ,

my dignity and my pride .

Your grudge is that I keep loving

the ones who have wronged me

But I am not you , I must admit,

I forgive quite easily .

Being merciful is weak you say

You’ve called me so many names

While you’re hurt with the pain they’ve inflicted on me

You’ve gone ahead and done the same .


She sat there with the unopened present in front of her . How could he leave without meeting her  ? Had he not received her letters ? She rushed to the main door, hoping to catch up but it was too late . She had specifically written about wanting to give him something special when he came over .  As she carefully hid the small box of sweets she had hoped he would like , she mumbled ,” I hope you’re not so busy next year, Santa . Merry Christmas .”

For better or worse ?

Looking into the mirror , she knew it hadn’t  gone the way they had intended it to . He had made a mess out of her. Tears rolled down as she stared at her lopsided face . He had promised to make her feel better about herself but there she was , struggling to smile and feeling cheated . As she wiped her tears , she knew she’d never see the cosmetic surgeon again .