Valentwine’s day

…..For those with twisted love stories .



A hundred explosions in the head

A hundred voices  to ignore

Some screaming ,”Sink to the bottom”

Others persuading to swim to the shore .

The waves hitting harder

“Come crumble ” , whispers the sand

The salt making each wound come alive

I am still breathing , I can still stand .



Maine pyar Kiya- of dosti ,Prem and Stevie Wonder

Today , after years , I  remembered a famous Bollywood dialogue ‘ dosti mein no sorry, no thank you’.I didn’t quite get it right , but it brought back some fond memories of the VCR days .

The first Hindi movie I ever watched was ‘Maine Pyar kiya ‘ . I remember how upset my mum was with my grandma who had taken me along to a neighbour ‘s house where a video cassette had been hired .I must have been 6 years old at the time and my mum didn’t think it was an appropriate movie for me to watch then.

I liked most of the songs from the movie , but the title track was the easiest to sing . After all , it was inspired/ copied from a song that my uncles would play on loop at home ‘ I just called to say ….’

The song was a hit ,but I wonder if Stevie would approve …..


She sees so much of herself in them,

those trees with gnarled branches

as her own twisted fingers tap on the table

remembering a tune she once knew lyrics to

Her skin , like their barks , is rough

with lines that tell stories of yesteryears

Birds that once flitted about in the branches

have built new homes , like her children

She sees so much of herself in them ,

forgotten , alive and hopeful.



Walls that once eavesdropped

on heart to heart conversations

are now deafened

by the sound of silence

Pillows that had blushed

when they kissed and cuddled

now bear stains

left by salty puddles

The bed  that was once warm

when bosom met bosom

is now a grave ,

cold from the vibes as back faces back ,

holding the remains of what once was.






She watches me everyday

I wonder what she has to say

when I put on heels to look tall

and wear a garb of confidence though there’s none at all

When I build kohl dams so the streams won’t flow

What does she think ? I still don’t know

When my hair neatly sits in a bun

When all it wants is to dance undone

She watches me as I get dressed

on days when all I need is rest

Does she wonder when the masque will end ?

will she be an honest friend ?

oh mirror , mirror , on the wall

can you show me the real me after all ?


Love story

She’s coy , warm , tranquil and her songs are serene on balmy days . She even brings him little offerings of love from the depths of her being . Sometimes she’s fierce , her embraces are passionate and her songs fall in trebles . She steals kisses and he lets her do what she wants . He accepts her tokens of love , watches her go and waits until she decides to return and love him some more .

Theirs is an old love story , the sea and the shore .