A Mumbai sunrise at Sewri

The flamingos , temporarily enchanting Mumbaikars at Sewri Jetty , decided not to show up today but that wasn’t a problem at all .

At Sewri Jetty
Getting ready to sail
A tinge of orange


Show over  !

I enjoyed the early morning view and (may be) began falling in love with Mumbai all over again .

— that mishmash


Chasing butterflies !

I have been chasing butterflies figuratively for a long time but today I did for real . I got back from a short trip last night but somehow was restless this morning so I  headed to the Maharashtra Nature Park , Mumbai.


Some hits and some misses but it was fun to go about like a child while mum and Ry joined in the fun .


Happiness is ….chasing butterflies !


Which one did you like most? Would love to know .

Will post more later but I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures. Have a happy week !

— that mishmash


Dronagiri hills: Hidden ruins in Uran

At Mora on the way to Uran

A family reunion , a trip to Uran after 18years and an unexpected trek was how I spent the weekend.


The way up


Uran is a small fishing village and lies to the east of Mumbai across the Dharamtar Creek. The place was called Uruvan by the locals in the area and renamed as Uran by the Portuguese who once ruled the place.

Remains of the fort


On the 26th of December after a night of fun and dance ,  Uncle Neil  suggested a trek up the Dronagiri hills the next morning and 15 of us immediately agreed.

Our lady of Penha  Chapel


The hills are watched over by the CISF as the proximity to the ONGC plant makes it a high risk area. We lost our way twice but didn’t mind that as the path leading up to the ruins was a beautiful one .

Bell tower


Nothing much remains of the fort , except the entrance arch .The ruins of the 485 year old Portuguese chapel ‘Our Lady of Penha of Karanja’ made the trek memorable. The Portuguese ruled this part of the peninsula between 1534 and 1739.


Entrance arch to the Chapel


We were surprised to see the front façade of the chapel and the bell towers on either side still intact as compared to the side walls which have fallen apart.



It was a memorable trip with the family , trekking with my uncles and aunts  was quite a feat too and finding those ruins at the top felt like a page out of an eerie movie .



To get there  :

We took a speed jetty from Dockyard to Mora

From Mora, a rickshaw can be hired to Karanja Village.







The Oldest Museum in Mumbai


The Palladian Style Building

Ask anyone who has visited the zoo in Mumbai ( Jijamata Udyaan )  , a clear misnomer in this case , to review it and it will be a mean and ugly picture . Such is the pathetic condition of the animals imprisoned there. While the apathy, that the zoo is a testimony of, invokes anger , all is NOT LOST .

The grand interiors


Within the same complex , there stands a structure which is the oldest museum in Mumbai .  Formerly known as ‘The Victoria and Albert Museum ‘  and  not being able to escape its rechristening , it is now called  ‘Dr Bhau Daji Lad’ Museum. Its successful restoration and reopening has given some of us a glint of hope , that with staunch conviction and the right people at the helm of things , Mumbai can and will hold on to some of its character.

The Statue of Prince Albert  towering in the main hall




About the museum :

The Palladian style building with its Victorian interiors is a spectacle. The museum looks grand with its Minton tile floors , gilded interiors and fine embellishments.



The stairs leading to the first floor and the chandelier just add to the old world charm of this fabulously restored museum.

View from the top


The displays of various communities that inhabited the city , old maps and dioramas give every visitor a glimpse of what BOMBAY must have been like.


Games of yesteryear
Diorama of the ‘The tower of silence’ – the burial place of the Parsi Community



There are life size statues outside the museum , some of which are headless too , that still instill a sense of awe in anyone who takes the time to observe the fine details.

Statue of Queen Victoria outside in a lawn


The audio visual room was a delight and looking at the pictures of the city in the bygone days , when space was not a luxury and the city still breathed , took me back in time

This is a place you do not want to miss .