Sticky note gift tag

Christmas preps have begun at home . It’s probably a little too early , but we are a BIG family with lots of presents to shop for and wrap . Tried this easy sticky note gift tag and quite liked it 🙂 IMG_5664


Clip art

I stopped by a new store to buy some paper and glue and found these cute wooden cut outs in a box .  Am guessing these are used as charms in crafting jewellery , but I picked them up for some tic tac fun . Also , used a couple on a few paper clips and they look so adorable 🙂 IMG_0413IMG_0416image

Happy Easter


R tried something different this year and he’s done a pretty good job ! Last year was a little experiment with chocolate, this year has been extremely busy so he decided to do a quick fix ( wasn’t that quick though) .

Midnight mess in the kitchen , lots of cashews and stirring and a few marzipan chicks 🙂

Have a blessed day all !

Of childhood memories , cartoons and crayons


1995 Flashback

Those were super carefree days and cartoon network was a hot favourite . Flintstones , The Jetsons, Captain Planet , Scooby Doo and all those happy hours !



We would exchange stickers of the various cartoon characters in school and drawing each  of these was fun .



I remember some of us always carried our crayon boxes and would get busy when it was a ‘free period’ and the substitute teacher was kind enough to let us do whatever we pleased .It was a year of transition , shifting from afternoon school hours to early morning , from pencils to pens and from crayons to water colours.


I’d cut them once I reached home and stick them in a notebook. Found one of those books yesterday and it took me back to 1995 and fifth grade fun ! So many memories , so many smiles and nostalgia !






Those were the days 🙂

When dad to be becomes party planner !

Sweetest surprise !

It’s special when someone takes over as party planner to make your day superspecial and looks into every little detail .  When the hub takes the trouble to send out handmade invites and even bakes and moulds fondant for the first time , he deserves a pat on the back !!!

Merry cupcake toppers !
and you made badges too 🙂
….and an inventive dessert ! Gifted 🙂

I had to share a few pictures 🙂

I hope everyone’s having a blessed and joyful festive season with family and friends 🙂

Happy holidays !!!