Thank you tags

It’s the little one’s first birthday next month and we have begun planning a smallIMG_0409 pawty for our animal lover . Had some free time today and made these thank you tags . Super excited !



Coconut delights

Was looking for an easy Christmas sweet recipe that we could get done in a jiffy and found one .  Rose flavoured coconut ladoos 🙂

You will need desecrated coconut , condensed milk , clarified butter , Cardamom powder and rose syrup and about half an hour to get them all ready !!!

Here’s how ours turned out ! Sharing the link below of the recipe we followed .IMG_9031

Star of wonder

IMG_7957Dad took it upon himself to make the Christmas star from scratch and this is his progress thus far . At 61, with being sand-blind in one eye with a botched up cataract surgery , none of us thought he’d be able to pull it off and here he is , almost half way through. Happiness is handmade and homemade ❤️