Fewniverse ( new word)

– used to describe the small world of those who choose to restrict social interactions with a small number of people.

# best describes my world#


She stole him

She was special . No one had looked at him the way she did when he saw her for the first time . He wanted to hold her and kiss her and never let go . His wife , who was watching him closely , knew he would never be the same again , in fact nothing between them would ever be the same . She couldn’t keep those tears from falling as he held their baby girl for the first time .  Everyone in the room knew in that moment , the little girl had stolen his heart ❤️ .

Star of wonder

IMG_7957Dad took it upon himself to make the Christmas star from scratch and this is his progress thus far . At 61, with being sand-blind in one eye with a botched up cataract surgery , none of us thought he’d be able to pull it off and here he is , almost half way through. Happiness is handmade and homemade ❤️

This too shall pass

“I’ve seen better days, those good old days”

did I hear the tear drops say ?

“But am grateful it’s not worse than it is”

whispers the smile that finds its way

My shoulders droop , the body aches

Will they make it to another day ?

” Hold on ” it drums , that throbbing heart

“Neither pain nor pleasure will forever stay.”