What is that mishmash?

Welcome to the patchwork I call life .

Always in a flux ,  I can take off like a vagabond and lose myself in a forest or sing in the hills.

Romedies, worn out postcards/letters , sepia tones, random scribbles,  textured paper , music , the aroma of home cooked food , fresh bakes , potted plants , bubbles , candles , art , flowers, happy hairbands (they exist), dancing, paper boats , swings, beaches, travel, colorful socks, babies, old couples walking hand in hand , diving into a sea of cushions make me smile.

‘Crazy’ sums me up.

A loner, often misunderstood.

I fall and rise and repeat.

If you like what you read and see, feel free to tag along and add to the mishmash



A special request  : NO AWARDS and challenges please.  Leave me a comment instead and that would mean more than any award to me .


122 thoughts on “What is that mishmash?

      1. lucyslifeslessons

        I love your writing! You recently liked a poem I wrote about my lovely mum. Can I ask how did you come to see it? I received so much WordPress likes and comments on that one yet another one I posted with the same tags received nothing. I’m curious how that happened as I can’t see that it was featured by discover. Thanks so much

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      2. lucyslifeslessons

        thanks so much..so strange..the second poem had the same tags yet no likes on here.it was very popular on facebook. thanks for getting back to me though x

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  1. I wish I could be like you, “take off like a vagabond and lose myself in a forest or sing in the hills.” I am also a loner, and often misunderstood. ♥

    I no longer blog but I read blogs when I have time. This blog will keep you company, please keep it up, it’s really creative and beautiful. 🙂

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    1. Hi Melisa , if only each of us was understood a little better and understood others a little better too, then this world would be Utopia and loners probably wouldn’t exist . But am not sure that would be a good idea .
      I hope to continue blogging , to meet people along the way and have something to share and learn , even if for just a brief moment.
      Thank you for your kind words, they have provided me solace today .

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    1. Hi Sonia , thank you for this gesture. Am really sorry but I ‘d like to keep this blog award free so will have to pass. However, just wanted you to know , I always looks forward to your comments and feedback and that for me is the most rewarding . Hope you understand . Big hug.

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      1. Sonia D'Costa

        I quite understand. 🙂 I guess it is going to be the same with me too from now on. It is awesome when it happens to you for the first time though. 🙂 You feel kinda elated.

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    1. Hi Loretta , welcome to my little world . I just visited your blog and the potato chops made me drool . I could live on any one of two dishes … bombil or potato chops. The Goan in me tells me your blog is going to make me very happy ! Thank you so much for your kind words .

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      1. You’re welcome. I’m not sure of your real name? Are you a Mumbaikar? :). I was born in Bombay, but left when I was 3 yrs old and moved to other countries. My folks hailed from Goa.

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      2. I am a Mumbaikar, born and bred in this manic city but my folks are all in Goa . They all moved back to our ancestral home , my nuclear family stayed back. Great to know you were born here . Nice to connect . You can call me Pri.

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    1. Hi Meena . Thank you for your encouragement . Happy hairbands …lol , I have a collection of a few outlandish bands that I wear when am low and they cheer me up !! Wouldn’t blame you for not hearing about them !


  2. dhirajanand

    Reading third of your posts and all three have mention of food, now wondering who’s the bigger foodie! Me who finds food everywhere or you who’s always mastering a delicacy .
    Happy to connect here, your writing is very impressive without doubt.

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    1. I am a foodie ( not as passionate as my husband thought : ( )
      I am not a great master of delicacies , just baking and Goan Cuisine are my strengths 🙂
      Thanks a ton for your compliments and all the support and likes in the last few days. Your comments have really put a smile on my face 🙂

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      1. dhirajanand

        Is duniya mein hum sirf khane aur muskurane ke liye aaye hain 😉
        Keep smiling and sharing more of it, I mean the bake dishes and posts:)
        Goan cuisine mmmm so you must be an expert at grilled fish, soch ke munh mein paani aa gaya 🤔

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      1. Ah the juxtaposition ! I would be honoured and humbled and probably escape a slight stroke too . Am not used to dedications of any sort . I have left behind scars though. You are an angel AR. I can’t say more . This font has run out of words for now 🙂
        A bear hug to sum it up !

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      2. I am already feeling like a teddy bear …take care … I am an air elemental, so I hope no harm should come from my dedications… and as human beings we are good at adapting you know, just 2 days ago I was not used to the feeling of my old poems being read but it sure feels great! may you have an awesome day ahead!

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    1. We be denizens of the same manic city , ye and I ? Am a novice at poetry , I can pig out on pork , have winged slippers and Bandra is my haven ( The Mount !) Cheers and I hope to learn from your wonderful blog , Kunal 🙂

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  5. Oy, it was a long climb down here to comment.

    How refreshing, though, to find someone who says no to “awards” and, well, challenges, which you should find and join sometimes on your own, aren’t always a bad thing to be handed. But, maybe you’ve had enough of that, too.


    1. Hi , thank you for stopping by . Oh yes , Am not a fan of these chain nominations and awards , besides I don’t think I deserve any 🙂 But yes , they can be fun for those who enjoy them 🙂


  6. Lalitha

    One hell of a lovely blog you have! I’m super glad you stumbled on to mine! I’m going to find time and read all of your work soon. Expect tons of comments !!!

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    1. Hi Lalitha , thank you for your kindness 🙂 This is my second blog . Shut the older one in a Moment of frenzy . Much of what I read in your post resonated . Am glad you think my posts are worthy of your time ! Will be happy to read your comments 🙂

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      1. Lalitha

        Oh I loved everything about your blog..the everyday musings, the music and most of all the travel stuff! I especially missed some of the posts too..like the one on Goa and another one on Bengal. Either they didn’t open or maybe they belong to your previous blog?? It’s rare to come across people who share my taste in music..specially retro Hindi music…and I’m so glad you do..Keep going and keep adding to the magic!

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      2. Thank you for every word of encouragement ! Which posts aren’t accessible ? Will send you a link , if you like . It is rare to meet one who shares common interests . Will stay in touch ! Happy travelling ! Happy blogging !

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