What is that mishmash?

Welcome to the patchwork I call life .

Always in a flux ,  I can take off like a vagabond and lose myself in a forest or sing in the hills.

Romedies, worn out postcards/letters , sepia tones, random scribbles,  textured paper , music , the aroma of home cooked food , fresh bakes , potted plants , bubbles , candles , art , flowers, happy hairbands (they exist), dancing, paper boats , swings, beaches, travel, colorful socks, babies, old couples walking hand in hand , diving into a sea of cushions make me smile.

‘Crazy’ sums me up.

A loner, often misunderstood.

I fall and rise and repeat.

If you like what you read and see, feel free to tag along and add to the mishmash



A special request  : NO AWARDS and challenges please.  Leave me a comment instead and that would mean more than any award to me .


114 thoughts on “What is that mishmash?

      1. lucyslifeslessons

        I love your writing! You recently liked a poem I wrote about my lovely mum. Can I ask how did you come to see it? I received so much WordPress likes and comments on that one yet another one I posted with the same tags received nothing. I’m curious how that happened as I can’t see that it was featured by discover. Thanks so much

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      2. lucyslifeslessons

        thanks so much..so strange..the second poem had the same tags yet no likes on here.it was very popular on facebook. thanks for getting back to me though x

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  1. I wish I could be like you, “take off like a vagabond and lose myself in a forest or sing in the hills.” I am also a loner, and often misunderstood. ♥

    I no longer blog but I read blogs when I have time. This blog will keep you company, please keep it up, it’s really creative and beautiful. 🙂

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    1. Hi Melisa , if only each of us was understood a little better and understood others a little better too, then this world would be Utopia and loners probably wouldn’t exist . But am not sure that would be a good idea .
      I hope to continue blogging , to meet people along the way and have something to share and learn , even if for just a brief moment.
      Thank you for your kind words, they have provided me solace today .

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    1. Hi Sonia , thank you for this gesture. Am really sorry but I ‘d like to keep this blog award free so will have to pass. However, just wanted you to know , I always looks forward to your comments and feedback and that for me is the most rewarding . Hope you understand . Big hug.

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    1. Hi Loretta , welcome to my little world . I just visited your blog and the potato chops made me drool . I could live on any one of two dishes … bombil or potato chops. The Goan in me tells me your blog is going to make me very happy ! Thank you so much for your kind words .

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      1. You’re welcome. I’m not sure of your real name? Are you a Mumbaikar? :). I was born in Bombay, but left when I was 3 yrs old and moved to other countries. My folks hailed from Goa.

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      2. I am a Mumbaikar, born and bred in this manic city but my folks are all in Goa . They all moved back to our ancestral home , my nuclear family stayed back. Great to know you were born here . Nice to connect . You can call me Pri.

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    1. Hi Meena . Thank you for your encouragement . Happy hairbands …lol , I have a collection of a few outlandish bands that I wear when am low and they cheer me up !! Wouldn’t blame you for not hearing about them !


  2. dhirajanand

    Reading third of your posts and all three have mention of food, now wondering who’s the bigger foodie! Me who finds food everywhere or you who’s always mastering a delicacy .
    Happy to connect here, your writing is very impressive without doubt.

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    1. I am a foodie ( not as passionate as my husband thought : ( )
      I am not a great master of delicacies , just baking and Goan Cuisine are my strengths 🙂
      Thanks a ton for your compliments and all the support and likes in the last few days. Your comments have really put a smile on my face 🙂

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      1. dhirajanand

        Is duniya mein hum sirf khane aur muskurane ke liye aaye hain 😉
        Keep smiling and sharing more of it, I mean the bake dishes and posts:)
        Goan cuisine mmmm so you must be an expert at grilled fish, soch ke munh mein paani aa gaya 🤔

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      1. Ah the juxtaposition ! I would be honoured and humbled and probably escape a slight stroke too . Am not used to dedications of any sort . I have left behind scars though. You are an angel AR. I can’t say more . This font has run out of words for now 🙂
        A bear hug to sum it up !

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      2. I am already feeling like a teddy bear …take care … I am an air elemental, so I hope no harm should come from my dedications… and as human beings we are good at adapting you know, just 2 days ago I was not used to the feeling of my old poems being read but it sure feels great! may you have an awesome day ahead!

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    1. We be denizens of the same manic city , ye and I ? Am a novice at poetry , I can pig out on pork , have winged slippers and Bandra is my haven ( The Mount !) Cheers and I hope to learn from your wonderful blog , Kunal 🙂

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