They were broken fragments

until that night

bathed in silver

streaming through the window

skin met skin

scar touched scar

Sparks , light !

They were stars .






Listen ! With your ear phones off .

Listen .

Do you remember how we’d listen

despite  the distance

When we didn’t need as many words

and silence was understood ?

Listen , you might notice

my fears in fumbling words

and terror in trembling hands .

Listen, turn down that noise

and may be you will hear my silent

screams .





He wrote my name

I found my name .

I had always wanted

a word , a line ,

a couplet may be ,

a stanza , a rhyme

penned just for me .


I found my name

Sans love or care

I found my name

It mocks and stares

In between anger ,

hurt and blame

I wish I hadn’t found my name .









Hurried feet scramble

over sleepy sacred stairs

The birds still in the cote

awakened by their prayers.

Restless eyes look to the sky

the moon is yet to fade

The sun will open bolted doors

They wait , anixous and dismayed .

The sun , the morn , the altar

When will they be let in ?

Don’t they know

the light they seek outside

is to be found within ?