Towards Ross Island


Our first stop after reaching Port Blair was Ross Island . An island that has deer , peacocks , a variety of birds and squirrels, all responding to Anuradha , a lady who has spent decades roaming the island during the day , spending time with the animals , calling them by name , feeding them and educating tourists about life on the island back when it used to be the capital of the Andamans .

Now under the control of the Indian Navy , traveling to this island is subject to  weather conditions and boats sailing out of the Rajiv Gandhi water complex towards Ross Island need to wait until the Navy officials give them a go .


The picture above is one I took as we waited for our clearance . The changing colours of that water – magical !


Little lessons

Stories of caterpillows

and monkeys on the moon

Any time is ‘masti’ time

Morning , night or noon .

Cups of chocolate milk ,

we are coaxed to drink ,

made with brinjals and pumpkins

Oh ! the things you think .

Innocent requests , on hot days ,

to the sun to go away

Begging birds ,by the window ,

to come and join her play .

What is this ? Where is that ?

There’s so much to know

Then run and slip and fall and rise

and  do it all some more .

Your happy face , the laughter

The fearless things you do

The child in us is kept alive

by a little one like you !


We are learning little lessons from our little girl . Everyday is about being imaginative , fearless , curious and innocent masti ( fun ) . Little  lessons from little ones !

Happy  children’s day !






Ten !

Ten years ago , this night ! We hurried through choir practice , you headed home with a heavy head and completely under the weather , my gang and I had everything planned and there we were , a little before midnight , outside your home , candles , guitar and me serenading !

You were gobsmacked , your folks joined in the fun and your neighbours were amused .

Four days later , I married my best friend  .

So much has changed in this decade , things we never thought could happen to us (No one in between , how can be wrong ? ) Parton and Rogers definitely had me believing in infallibity for a while 🙂 Things I never thought I’d say , feelings I never imagined I could feel for another , a mess I never thought I’d become .

From driving me crazy to matching my crazy , from making me cry to weeping with me , it’s all happening and will continue .

Of all the lines from that song that night , one resonates more than the others ‘ without saying a word , you can light up the dark’ . This has been a dark phase for me and I cannot be grateful enough to you for being there .

I cannot believe we are TEN ! You won’t believe , for being the best friend I could ever have , I still give you TEN on TEN ! ( yup 18 years and counting)



Songs of freedom


She’s at my window ,

sweetly singing her song

and looks at me , as if urging,

“Sing , sing , sing along.”

She doesn’t croon to impress

Hers is a familiar trill

Her songs are songs of freedom

As she watches through the grill.

She is little and ordinary

as ubiquitous as can be ,

but she flies away, leaving behind

her songs of freedom for me .







This is me

Eyebrows that beg to be shaped

Hair and heels that need some love

This is me

I feel ugly on some days

I feel confident on other days

This is me

I am coping with mental health issues

Physically I wish I was healthier

But I do the best I can

This is me

I have loved and betrayed

Been loved and betrayed

I am learning

This is me

I have lost people ,

Those I can never see again

Those who’d rather not see me

This is me

I have given up hopelessly

Then picked myself up

This is me

I am not as weak as I once thought I was

I am stronger than I think I am

This is me .






A few of her favourite things

So the little one is 20 months old and has Some pretty unusual choices .

She calls Noah ‘ Nona’ . There hasn’t been a day since September 9 th when we haven’t gone through Nona and his animals and the BIG boat and the rain ( tup tup tup ) and 40 nights and the rainbow ! Pinocchio is forgotten , Alice in wonderland was a fad , but Nona reigns !

Apart from the regular rhymes and songs , she listens to a wide variety of music but the one she’s developed a liking for is ‘ Enjoy yourself , it’s later than you think !’ . It’s amusing , she loves the chorus , has picked up the lyrics and sings like she knows what it means .  Of all the songs , I never thought it would be a number from the 1950s .

And finally , cockroaches ! She can spot them anywhere , she thinks they are lovely creatures and protests and weeps if   they are harmed . Yup ! Cockroaches ! Not cute puppies or furry kittens , but cockroaches .

A few months from now , am sure her preferences will change and maybe then I will have a lot to smile about when I read this post , until then I am going to try and enjoy myself singing ‘ Enjoy yourself’ and I wish all those celebrating Diwali , a happy and fun festival ! Enjoy yourself !