On a hill , in the woods

What happens when a quaint hill station extends an inviting hand to you and you accept ? You soak in the old world charm , sit in a heritage toy train ( remembering Noddy all the time ) and come back with stories written in red mud on the soles of your shoes .

The toy train is also called Phulrani ( Queen of flowers )  , it meanders through the mountains at an extremely slow pace and that is how everything moves in Matheran – slow and unhurried .

The UNESCO heritage hill railway toy train in Matheran 

Walk , walk , walk and walk some more . One is never alone , there are monkeys and langurs to keep you company always.

And this reminds me of Babes in the woods
Langur’s vantage point 

The Sahyadris always have surprises to offer. The protruding part of this hill (left ) looked like a human face to me.


Not many flowers around here , but I spotted a few.





There are plenty of ‘points’ to see when in Matheran, but we skipped that bit. Long walks , fun swims and listening to the sound of silence ( interrupted by the chatter of monkeys and the shouts of excitement when the little one spotted a monkey ) dominated my time spent here.


My daughter was in no mood to leave and wants to go back to see the monkeys , while I will go definitely go back for the automobile free , noise free experience and for the greenery .


Matheran is a little piece of green haven ! The monkeys endorse that 🙂

Green Matheran Sign board with an enthusiastic supporter




Monkeys of Matheran


Monkeys have made Matheran their home . They are everywhere , leaping , hanging around , on roofs , on the bazaar road , near tiny eateries , on roof tops . They can be amusing or aggressive . I had many for company around the place I was staying at.

Clean up 
Like a thumb sucking toddler 
Hide and seek
The whole family watching us as we watch them 
Sleepy baby 

Much monkey love !



The dew and drizzle know

There can be life no more

And so they gently pass

The withering flower and wilting grass.

Like  the tears that have ceased

And the agony that has eased

For the head and heart agree

Somethings aren’t meant to be .

( Picture – Matheran )





Matheran : To growing older , travelling more and singing again !

Asia’s only auto mobile free hill station , sleepy Matheran ( Forest on the Forehead ) seemed to be a good option to bring in my birthday.  Walking without any finality of destination , meeting rabbits on the way , the chatter of monkeys and langurs sounding like a choir of bass and contralto singers and fallen leaves which felt like forgotten post- it reminders of letting go and moving on , I enjoyed every bit of it .

A few things I fell in love with as I ambled ….

This colour , the pattern .


Furry friends


Surprises on leaves


And this forlorn fellow ….


Song on loop , for the vibes of this place and the person who made it all happen …. A world of our own by The Seekers.

Close the doors, light the lights.
We’re stayin’ home tonight,
Far away from the bustle and the bright city lights.
Let them all fade away.
Just leave us alone.
And we’ll live in a world of our own.

We’ll build a world of our own
That no one else can share.
All our sorrows we’ll leave far behind us there.
And I know you will find
There’ll be peace of mind
When we live in a world of our own.