Story titles

Pictures tell stories . She puts them in various folders . Those from a decade ago are saved in what she calls ‘ awe and wonder’, the more recent ones are all put in what she titles ‘ bluff and blunder’.



She reads the notice, “ Plastic banned, please carry cloth bags.”

She looks at the people around and wonders about another kind of notice – Plastic smiles banned , please flash genuine smiles only 🙂

Keep me for eternity

The next time we meet

Embrace me for eternity

Let me stay nestled in your arms

Let me make your misty scent mine

I long for your songs to lull me

Don’t coax me to return

To stone cold hearts ,icy arms ,

Stale  promises , discordant music

I feel alive when I’m with you

I don’t belong to the city , dear mountains,

The next time we meet

Keep me for eternity

Warm welcome

“ Come” , she says and signals with her hand . I decline the offer , I don’t think I’d fit in . She rushes inside and a few seconds later she’s back at the door with a cup in her hand , she stretches it towards me , “ Tea”. It’s the perfect bait ! I can never say no to tea.

Minutes later I am sipping imaginary tea from a Peppa cup inside her play house and hug her for her hospitality .

Rabdentse Ruins , Pelling

As I was reading a list of lesser known destinations to visit in India , a picture of  Rabdentse ruins brought back some wonderful memories of my last day in Pelling , Sikkm. It has been two years since my visit to the ruins of the former capital of the kingdom of Sikkim .Most of the people we spoke to said there wasn’t much to see , but I had made up my mind and nothing could dampen my spirits . I remember the drizzle in the forest , the mushrooms , the fronds , ferns , muddy puddles and the exhaustion as we walked towards the ruins.

I have posted a few pictures of the wondrous forest trail earlier , but never quite got to posting about the ruins. So I thought it best to do it today. Better late than never. The walk through the magical forest was the highlight for me , even better than walking around the ruins





I wish the ones who told me there wasn’t much to see , knew what they were missing.

Rabdentse tells the story of Sikkim’s glory during the Chogyal rule . Hidden inside a dense forest , overshadowed by the beauty of the majestic Kanchenjunga which attracts most people to Pelling ,the walls of Rabdenstse are more than just stubs . Rabdenstse remained the capital of Sikkim for 123 years and saw six Kings rule the kingdom.

The first structure that welcomes visitors is a Chorten – a stupa .DSC_0892DSC_0895.JPG


Ruins of the palace , not much remains of what once must have been a grand residence of the king . The ruins are divided into the Northern and Southern wings , one used to be the living quarters of the royal family and the other was where the King met with commoners.

The Southern wing , the stone throne and perhaps the place where  people would have an audience with the king  . It didn’t  look like a throne from a distance , but one of the workers there pointed it out to me. The Marble stone you see is believed to be carried to the site by a single person.




Remains of the living quarters . They sure knew how to find ‘ a room with a view’.



Three stone chortens looked fairly preserved . This is the place where the highest officials would pass important judgments . Am not sure what the significance of the stone slab is , but a closer look revealed this .



It is also believed that prayers were offered by the royal family at this site everyday. These three stones looked like stoic testimonies to all the grandeur , faith and fervour that this palace and its residents embodied.



A final look at the ruins , before I left .


Some ruins proclaim the building was beautiful. These do , no ?