Thotrin Cafe – Northeastern food in Mumbai

72C10B4E-F337-4D8E-995F-18DD62658F8C68362F28-8A81-48EA-B0FC-C4FA3B8A5175It’s unbelievable how I had never heard of this place until a week ago . This one is in Kalina , Santacruz East , a place I go to so often , but Thotrin cafe , tucked in the Koleveri village of Kalina ,remained a well kept secret . My sister’s colleague mentioned it to her and she was so intrigued , she went straight to the place to check it out .

I got a few pictures , a few tips on what to order ( dishes that are on the menu and those that aren’t ) and in about three days after the temptation , I gave in .

A hole in the wall , Thotrin cafe , is a simple place , three tables and a seating capacity of twelve at a time . The service is slow , but it’s worth the wait .

The beef salad , pork momos and snail curry in a potato base are dishes that you must try , none of these feature on their menu , so you’ve just got to let them know that you’ve come for those . Am not sure why they don’t have these delicacies mentioned , but word of mouth publicity has got them famous for the right dishes !

We ordered a Thotrin banana juice ( fermented ) which tasted in between vinegar and toddy ! The husband found it absolutely repulsive and one sip was all he had . I had more than half of the quantity , funnily I was enjoying the mild kick ! The term for virgin drinks in their local language is  ‘chirchomri’ .


It was time for the beef salad . The beef is the dried salted version , similar to what I have had in Darjeeling , it tasted like a rubbery version of dried Bombay duck ( A Goan staple ) and I didn’t quite enjoy the texture , but the beans in the salad were yum !

9EF5BDD2-613E-4B72-82FC-84336AB99AE5Pork momos in Mumbai ! Yummy pork momos in Mumbai ! Super yummy pork momos in Mumbai ! Voices in my head shouting as I devoured them . The best I’ve had till date . They call momos – kothe 🙂 326F5783-531D-4318-B98A-BDEAC7DAECD5

Finally , the light snail curry cooked with potatoes, mint , ginger etc and sticky rice. Two ways to get the meat out of those shells , suck or use a tooth pick . This dish and the rain outside , perfect 🙂 I didn’t think I’d enjoy snails as much as I did . This is a must try . The snail curry is called ‘ korpungla’.



The pork curry with bamboo shoot is supposed to be a star dish , but we were too full and I was dizzy with that fermented banana juice  , so may be next time .

Thotrin cafe definitely packs a punch and is value for money .


6 thoughts on “Thotrin Cafe – Northeastern food in Mumbai

  1. Sharukh Bamboat

    A great discovery. I have put this on my list. I usually don’t get down at Santa Cruz but I will visit it when in the vicinity. 🙂


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