Emerald lake , Ooty

The closest I might ever get to the Emerald city in the Wizard of OZ – the emerald lake , Ooty !

In the silent valley surrounded by tea gardens , emerald lake is another pristine place in the Nilgiris. It is an extension  of the Avalanche lake , I was told .




This is as close as we could get. The access to the lake had been shut for a few days owing to some maintenance work near the dam.

Rose garden , Ooty

I never promised you a rose garden ….

I can never think of a rose without this song playing on loop in my head. He never promised me a rose garden , but if he did , it would have to be as pretty as this one.

The rose garden in Ooty is arranged  in terraces on the slopes of the Elk hill and boasts of having one of the largest collection of roses in India. It is no wonder then , that it won the garden of excellence award for being the best rose garden in South Asia in 2006 . Surprisingly , there weren’t many people in the garden at the time I visited. I was there about an hour before closing time and that’s probably how I managed to dodge the crowd.

As you enter
Just before the drizzle began
A look at the lower level of the terrace

They save the best for last , I guess , which explains why all the pretty roses are to be found in the lowest level of the garden 🙂

Enter a caption
Love !
In my favourite colour
Lady in red


Two tones

…And then the rain drops began to kiss those rosy lips . I put the camera in , soaked in the atmosphere and kept wondering , how nice it would have been if he had promised me just a rose !

Upper Bhavani lake

Avalanche forest , Ooty .

The shola forests guard the upper bhavani lake and it is quite a journey to get there to spend a few blissful moments watching this shimmering beauty from a distance. It must have been about 30 km from Fern Hills in Ooty and we commenced our journey at 6 in the morning , not wanting to miss the first trip inside . Private vehicles are not allowed inside the reserved forest area and one has to choose from among two options , a jeep or a mini bus , to take you through the forest upto the lake.

We reached the place at around 7.30 and had to wait for about two hours for the first trip to commence . They waited for a group of 20 to let the first bus in and the jeep service wasn’t functional on that day. The canteen doesn’t open until ten , so if you do plan a trip , make sure to carry a few munchies or have a hearty breakfast before you leave. With my 13 month old quite restless , we decided to amble around and spent an hour in the pine forest just near the entrance of the reserved area. DSC_0827




The bus journey is extremely bumpy, but once you’re up at the upper bhavani point , you forget the dread that awaits you on the way back.


Each group is given approximately 25 minutes to soak in the beauty of the upper bhavani lake . It was my 20 minutes of peace in a very long time , with the baby refusing to leave her dad and excitedly screaming ‘water’ , I left the two behind and enjoyed the magic in front of me .




Yo Yo MOMents

As I look at her doing something new everyday , I find myself oscillating between the happiness of watching her grow up and the helplessness of watching her grow up too soon for my liking !

Some of you would have gone through these feelings too , no ?

# baby soon to be 14 months old truth hits hard #