Giving up

When they ask me how I am

I want to scream,”Am not okay.”

When it’s time to wake up

I want to plead ,” Not today.”

I want to crawl under dark sheets

where no one can see the rot that’s me

I want to open every wound again

so that they bleed until I ‘m free

I want to tell mama I can’t go on

And run away from all I know

I want to tell life that it won this time

And I cannot take it anymore .



17 thoughts on “Giving up

  1. Hit send too soon… was saying, you always express your feelings in a simple and honest fashion. You reflect the thoughts of others–I’ve felt like this myself at times–even if you are speaking in character.

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    1. This one is autobiographical . Have been trying to stay upbeat and afloat , but sometimes emotions can get the better of us , I guess . Am glad you think my writing is honest . I know this is just a phase and this too shall pass . Thanks for your kindness .

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