Words that spill out of her mouth ….

How are you ?

I hope you’re fine .

Take care .

You need rest .

You are in my prayers .

When all her heart wants to say is …

I love you .




He held her close to him and their hips made contact . They looked into eachother’s eyes and were lost in a world of their own. Their movements picked up pace , their breathing accelerated and their hearts raced and finally there they were in the middle of the dimly lit room , locked in a tight embrace.  Their first dance ,as husband and wife , was spectacular .

Coconut delights

Was looking for an easy Christmas sweet recipe that we could get done in a jiffy and found one .  Rose flavoured coconut ladoos 🙂

You will need desecrated coconut , condensed milk , clarified butter , Cardamom powder and rose syrup and about half an hour to get them all ready !!!

Here’s how ours turned out ! Sharing the link below of the recipe we followed .IMG_9031


The Magician

“Dad ” , she said excitedly,”today we had a little magic show in school.  Have you ever met a magician? ”

“Oh yes ” , he said instantly ,”one who could turn the most basic ingredients into magical meals , one who’d magically turn patches of old clothes into comforting quilts and one whose magical stories made us forget about the miserable conditions we were living in at the time .”

“What was the name of this great magician ?”  the little voice enquired.

“Margaret” , he said , ” but I called her mama.”