Happiness is ……

IMG_0843When the husband takes over the kitchen and makes you feel like you’re in food heaven !!!


Fried chicken for lunch and now banana bread with my chai ☕️…. too yum !IMG_0850

Going  bananas !!!!!


Pretend play

Walls have faces and pillows have ears

in a sea of cushions she drowns her fears

The mirror is her friend , they converse everyday

who said only children can pretend play ?




Clip art

I stopped by a new store to buy some paper and glue and found these cute wooden cut outs in a box .  Am guessing these are used as charms in crafting jewellery , but I picked them up for some tic tac fun . Also , used a couple on a few paper clips and they look so adorable 🙂 IMG_0413IMG_0416image