To scold someone for their excessive consumption of tea 🙂

A tea addict like me would know !


17 thoughts on “CHAIde

      1. I know ! Was very tough. Used to get severe headaches and mood swings. I used to face lot of problems while traveling too as I am very particular about it’s consistency and flavor.
        Finally decided that enough of being a slave at it’s hand and kicked the habit. Took some time to get over it, but all fine in the end.

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      2. Oh Thank you tons for sharing this experience . I thought I am seriously abnormal for feeling like this . Headaches , mood swings and an array of withdrawal symptoms . I just need it to feel awake and kicking . Weaning off is so difficult, I have to resolve now . Thank R . Hugs.

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    1. He ha ha …the hotea me can never cease to be naughtea ……some of that streak is geneTEAc too ! Lol
      Am super swell …enjoying the new phase and the change in weather has begun to rain and some respite from the heat 🙂
      Will catch up soon . Hugsssss Chev 🙂

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