Petrichor and cannon ball flowers

As we drove around Aarey Milk colony last evening , the pleasant weather motivated us to go all the way up to the restaurant for some tea.  The cannon ball tree in the compound outside is a pretty picture . Luckily the rainfall obliged and stopped for a bit , allowing  me to take a few pictures of the flowers.

Like tangled serpents



14 thoughts on “Petrichor and cannon ball flowers

    1. Yup ! Nuts 😈😈😈😈
      And then a few years later we will wonder how the deluge just got worse and why Mumbai has become a furnace !!!
      So much for those idiotic boards all over ….. Green Mumbai , clean Mumbai sham and shame 😈😈😈😈😈

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    1. Lovely shots ! The menu card is so adorable 🙂 For some reason I cannot like the post or comment ( I tried ) …my phone is asking me to log in and I can’t . Will revisit tomorrow . Do you know why it’s called Dadar ?

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