Haji Ali -Hide and Seek

The last time I went to Haji Ali in Worli , the sea was playing hide and seek with the causeway which is the only access to the Dargah. This evening , the clouds and sun played the game as we enjoyed the view .

Causeway to the Dargah




This view while biting on a yum sandwich and relishing a falooda from Haji Ali Juice Centre – super saturday 🙂

Feral Nights

Madness instead of flawless

Not sweet-scented to charm

She’ll wear the scent of destruction

Unleash the chaos beneath the calm

No warm embraces for tonight

Let’s burn like untamed fire

We’ll let our whispers drown

In thunderous moans of desire

She won’t gently drizzle

But pour down in torrents over you

Tonight she’ll be tempestuous

A storm you can’t subdue