Saturday by the Sea – Mumbai

How I love Bandra and beautiful endings ! There’s so much more to Bandstand than thronging outside a star’s residence .






22 thoughts on “Saturday by the Sea – Mumbai

  1. Aha Bandstand! Not done not done! I would visit on Sunday afternoons, having Pani Puri, buying cigarettes at this small shop at the end and walking on pavement. I love the breeze that’d flow till Barista where I was sitting with coffee, newspaper and novel reading. Once I spotted Aftab who was in the car and guys rushing with his capuccino. You making me so jealous, mishmash:)

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    1. It’s a lovely place . The breeze sings songs of peace and tranquil – both of which are rare to find here. I was at Cafe sea side sipping my chai and enjoying a chicken sandwich . Who is Aftab? Lol ( masti guy ? ) ….lol people are smitten by the stars here . The crowd outside Mannat is so irritating .

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      1. Yeah! I saw him…hehe love it, though. Is there something new called cafe seaside kya? I know CCD and Barista side by side on the other end of Mannat, Galaxy and Aishwarya’s La Mer. Is the small shop still there..kirana type store?

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      2. The cafe is called sea view … bad . It has been there for the longest time . I think the stall you are talking about is still there . Have you been to the bandra fort down the road after Taj Land’s end ? It has been restored and there’s a lovely view of the sea and the sea link to be enjoyed from.there .

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      3. Oh No! I haven’t been there. Oh I remember the shop. Strange! How I never knew bout the cafe but only CCD and Barista. It means the next time I am in Amchi Mumbai, I need to go there. Is the cafe near the promenade?

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