Fort of Chittorgarh

One of the largest forts in the country and a world heritage site , this is a fort that has many stories to tell. I spent five hours listening to tales of Rajput valour , sacrifice , battles and romance .  Stories of Mirabai’s devotion to Lord Krishna , of how Alauddin Khilji wished to see Rani Padmini after hearing tales of her incomparable beauty , of Rani Padmini and her companions committing self-immolation to protect their honor….one fort with endless stories.

A world of stories awaits us


Ruins being restored 
More ruins
Where Mirabai is believed to have lived and survived poisoning

This is where we were told the story of Mirabai and her devotion to Lord Krishna. There is also a temple dedicated to Mirabai in the fort complex.

Jain temple 
Nine storied Vijay Stambh which took over ten years to complete


Chittor was also called a water fort due to the many reservoirs within it .This is the Gaumukh reservoir


Kirti Stambh
Closer look at the temple 
Stories inscribed in stone on the temple exteriors – one of the friezes 
Leaving the fort

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