Ranakpur Temple: Cosmic import

The turrets of the temple gleaming in the sun looked grand from a distance.  An audio guide took us through the story of it’s construction which began in the 15th century . There are endless exquisite pillars , each one unique in design. The splendid lace-like interiors , the odd figure combining four animal bodies and one human body and the nymphs that adorn the ceiling , these are images I will never forget. DSC_0462

At the entrance
Figure symbolizing the five elements
Lace-like work on the ceiling



Tirthankar Adinath to whom the temple is dedicated

10 thoughts on “Ranakpur Temple: Cosmic import

  1. What a rich facet in our cultural legacy. Today, arts and sculpture are all over the place but it’s during that time, that sculptures envisioned beauty and their aesthetic taste was very rich. Superb shots.

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    1. Hi Ruma . Do happy to revive memories for you . Rajasthan is such a wonderful place . This was my.second trip to the state . I have only been to Jaipur and Udaipur . I only remember the story of how a dream of a celestial vehicle inspired the construction of the temple . Please share the story when you can . Hope to read your post soon .

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      1. Udaipur is my hometown and I have studied in Jaipur, so both are close to my heart! For Ranakpurji, its said that noone has been able to actually count the number of pillars in the temple!

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      2. Yes Ruma , now that you mention it I remember the audio guide saying something like that . It looked like an endless number of pillars and each so unique …what fine skill and acumen!


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