Of childhood memories , cartoons and crayons


1995 Flashback

Those were super carefree days and cartoon network was a hot favourite . Flintstones , The Jetsons, Captain Planet , Scooby Doo and all those happy hours !



We would exchange stickers of the various cartoon characters in school and drawing each  of these was fun .



I remember some of us always carried our crayon boxes and would get busy when it was a ‘free period’ and the substitute teacher was kind enough to let us do whatever we pleased .It was a year of transition , shifting from afternoon school hours to early morning , from pencils to pens and from crayons to water colours.


I’d cut them once I reached home and stick them in a notebook. Found one of those books yesterday and it took me back to 1995 and fifth grade fun ! So many memories , so many smiles and nostalgia !






Those were the days 🙂


27 thoughts on “Of childhood memories , cartoons and crayons

  1. Firstly I would like to say you are a wonderful artist …loved to see all of your drawings …thanks for refreshing the old memories
    Make way for noddy was one of my favourite it’s so much fun to get lost in this toy land
    Doral and boots , Little Einsteins thier space ships
    I just can’t say how much happy I am feeling to remember all these

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    1. Thank you Kiran . These were all drawn 22 years ago . I was ten at the time 🙂
      I remember Noddy !!! I once drew noddy and big ears but must have lost those along the way . Those cartoons were fun , am not sure about today’s pokemon craze though . Am so happy you could take a trip down memory lane 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous childhood days. I was brought back to those days of innocence, admiring classmate scribbling for I was never good in scribbling. I’d love buying the stickers, though and drawing book that I would mess:)


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