Coming soon !

This year there is no cake baked at home , no surprise presents and no party , but I know it’s still a special birthday for R. If it is the best gift of one’s life , a delay of a couple of days doesn’t really matter , no ?

I could only manage making a card !

Have a super year super dad to be 🙂



I keep asking myself

What hurts more ?

Some questions have no answers

So I concede I’ll never know

But the question still haunts me

What is it that hurts more?

Believing that you once cared

Or pretending that I don’t anymore


Of childhood memories , cartoons and crayons


1995 Flashback

Those were super carefree days and cartoon network was a hot favourite . Flintstones , The Jetsons, Captain Planet , Scooby Doo and all those happy hours !



We would exchange stickers of the various cartoon characters in school and drawing each  of these was fun .



I remember some of us always carried our crayon boxes and would get busy when it was a ‘free period’ and the substitute teacher was kind enough to let us do whatever we pleased .It was a year of transition , shifting from afternoon school hours to early morning , from pencils to pens and from crayons to water colours.


I’d cut them once I reached home and stick them in a notebook. Found one of those books yesterday and it took me back to 1995 and fifth grade fun ! So many memories , so many smiles and nostalgia !






Those were the days 🙂