Rock-cut splendour : Karla Caves

Elephants carved at the entrance of the caves
Scultpures outside the main cave



These are pictures of Buddhist architecture in Karla caves , Lonavala ( Mahrashtra).I last visited the place in June and every time I do , I simply marvel at the beautiful horsehoe arch in the chaityagruha .


The pillars , inscriptions , vaulted interiors and intricate carvings tell stories from centuries ago .



Derails on the pillar – People on elephants


Main Stupa



Buddhist traders in the deccan contributed to this wonder and it is not difficult to imagine the peace that must have once prevailed in these hills .

The chaitya in Karla is supposed to be one of the largest in India and looks magnificent .

First view of the caves
A beauty amidst the ruined pillars .

The lion pillar ourside the Chaitya Hall


I have had this in my draft for so long , thought I’d post today



11 thoughts on “Rock-cut splendour : Karla Caves

      1. I did a Bhaja Caves hike few years ago and it was so much fun. I also created a post series of it. I haven’t visited Karla Caves after 1995. I am a bit tired of Lonavala because my sister lives there and I must have done so much travelling there that I know all alleys and lanes as well. It’s like a second home to me.

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