Do it your way

Someday , I hope , you’ll understand

that life’s not about a perfect plan

It’s ok to risk and fail and fall

and not take the beaten path at all

Someday, I hope , you’ll hear those voices

that will seek to guide and have much to say

but in the end I hope your own voice triumphs

and you’ll proudly announce – I did it my way.

Let the names they call you not bog you down

outlandish amidst the orderly around

Live and love with abandon ,  make mistakes day after day

there’s no escaping pain and regrets

but it’s better when you can say – I did it my way.




28 thoughts on “Do it your way

    1. Hiiiiieeeee D ! Am great 🙂 Happy new year to you , the wifey and both the boys !!!! Hope you are having a fab start ! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Am not so regular with the blogging now but hope we can catch up more often .

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  1. Sometimes a path can become so diluted with experience that sometimes the only way to improve such a broken process is to scrap it and start from scratch. Not an easy task to follow, it will be met with a great deal of resistance.

    But even though you choose to go your own path, don’t deny the voices of others. What has made humanity great is our ability to share experiences and thoughts.

    There are some people in this world that can jump over obstacles like nothing others, like me, tend to bash their head against those obstacles till my forehead busts open, blood spewing everywhere and I come out the other side in rags, covered in my own blood and dust. Maybe missing a tooth. But damn it – I did it my way!

    That’s how I felt when I got my undergraduate lol.

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    1. That was the inspiration !!! In some parts of the Phillipines this Sinatra song is taboo for Christians ( a friend of the hub shared this once with us !!!)
      Thank you K for the encouragement as always . I don’t feel like writing much now a days , just sluggish !!!! Hope all’s well with you .

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    2. Btw. …. I used to love listening to my grand uncle Maurice Concessio singing a few Sinatra numbers …He was fab ….legendary in the music scene in Bandra. ..wonder if you ever heard him ….he’s been gone a while now .

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