Happiness is ….

…two little feet kicking inside your belly to remind you that you are not alone !

I wonder if that’s your way of telling us that you like to move it , move it 🙂 and I hope you can move it , move it like your dada 🙂

The bump to birth diaries to be continued ……


22 thoughts on “Happiness is ….

  1. Hey Pri, it’s good to see you around. I can see you bubbling over and gushing with this special feeling and anticipation. Those kicks are just the most amazing thing. I am so happy for you. Bet you both can’t wait – in fact I know so! Enjoy this time and my best wishes for a safe landing. When I saw this post, the son below came to mind but don’t try to emulate it😀😀😀

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      1. Oh, I’m just so excited for and with you. I remember in my case, the first one was late by a week and the second came a month too soon. I know that in the first instance I had had my fill of lying on my couch like a beached whale and watching cricket – it was also very hot then. Continue to enjoy this precious time.

        Just got back from a short vacation, will check out your post soon.😘

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