Happiness is…


taking time to notice the little things in nature 🙂

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Moist Mirrors

A storm silenced in the head

Feelings lulled , all put away

But the heart cannot be bluffed , never ,

Says the tear that slips away

Drown yourself in distractions

To believe you just don’t care

Unexpected tears rolling down

Affirm there’s still so much in there

Wear a smile , laugh all you like

Tell yourself it’s all in the past

But salty streams will testify

Some things are here to last

Rock-cut splendour : Karla Caves

Elephants carved at the entrance of the caves
Scultpures outside the main cave



These are pictures of Buddhist architecture in Karla caves , Lonavala ( Mahrashtra).I last visited the place in June and every time I do , I simply marvel at the beautiful horsehoe arch in the chaityagruha .


The pillars , inscriptions , vaulted interiors and intricate carvings tell stories from centuries ago .



Derails on the pillar – People on elephants


Main Stupa



Buddhist traders in the deccan contributed to this wonder and it is not difficult to imagine the peace that must have once prevailed in these hills .

The chaitya in Karla is supposed to be one of the largest in India and looks magnificent .

First view of the caves
A beauty amidst the ruined pillars .

The lion pillar ourside the Chaitya Hall


I have had this in my draft for so long , thought I’d post today



Subdued ashen shades of silver

Washed onto a vibrant shore

Grooves telling stories in muted tones

Dampened by the billow’s roar


A keen eyed drifter seduced

Dreams fashioned from the splint

The meagre piece preciously reshaped

Where none before had seen the glint.

that mishmash ( dedicated to all those who see beauty where others see none 🙂 and to H , thank you for helping me find myself. You are brilliant: ))

This one is a repost . Looking at pictures of the Driftwood museum in Kerala brought back memories of this poem .


Trees wearing sunny corsages

A glint of gold in a sea of green

Flaming wings of an oriole

With glimmering satin sheen

Opening up to the call of sunshine

Full of hope and mirth and cheer

A tint sometimes , a vibrant splash

Making the blues disappear


Ephemeral petals of a flower

Fluttering plumes I’ve seen by chance

Or sunkissed wings of a butterfly

It makes my soul want to dance .



Of life and death

The feeble voice pleads – Not today

I have things to do , so much to say

To seek pardon from some , to reconcile

Lend me a few hours ,  let me live a while


The frosty voice says it cannot wait

The script is sealed , this is his fate

Icy cold hands grip and he must go

With death who is neither friend nor foe


His life he sees like he has never seen

Of how he’d lived , how it could have been

Of yesterdays gone by and chances lost

Of pride and ego and what they had cost


He remembers those forgotten friends

Of hearts he’d broken , those he’ll never mend

If only he’d known today was his last

He’d have lived a very different past