A clown’s charade

Looking into the mirror

staring at the mask

could I rip it off just tonight

a feeble whisper asks

Can I scream but not be heard

and cry till I fall asleep?

can spurious strength be laid to rest ?

can I show them gashes that run deep ?

Can jaded shoulders lay low for now ?

Can I befriend darkness till dawn?

Can I dance my pain away tonight ,

without thinking of the morn?

Can I steal some fire from the stars

and burn the rot that weights me down?

or must I paint over painful tears

and live through this circus like a clown ?











11 thoughts on “A clown’s charade

      1. I know you understand . Have been on a downward slide for a few days , just health issues can bog one down sometimes , everyt ime I have written something and hit the publish button I feel even worse , and then your words of encouragement make me feel less stupid . Thank you very much K, for taking the time out to read and for leaving me some reason to manage a smile. bless you tons.

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