I remember how I let you into my soul

through kohl -smudged windows draped with fear

on nights when half moons of dark

drowned in sacred pools of tears

I remember leading you into obscure recesses

where unhealed wounds had lurked

and how I lay bare each bruise

knowing you’d look beyond the murk

I remember the glint of joy you brought me

when unfriendly hands of time smothered

I remember how I was set free

I remember you each time I fly untethered .


— sometimes a certain day and a particular person remain etched in your memory forever 🙂






18 thoughts on “Reminiscence

      1. Ah! I’m glad to hear that you are doing well. I am very well – it’s been a transitional year for me and not totally settled yet but I’m grateful for good things that each day brings. I’m looking forward to hanging out again 😀

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