When dad to be becomes party planner !

Sweetest surprise !

It’s special when someone takes over as party planner to make your day superspecial and looks into every little detail .  When the hub takes the trouble to send out handmade invites and even bakes and moulds fondant for the first time , he deserves a pat on the back !!!

Merry cupcake toppers !
and you made badges too 🙂
….and an inventive dessert ! Gifted 🙂

I had to share a few pictures 🙂

I hope everyone’s having a blessed and joyful festive season with family and friends 🙂

Happy holidays !!!





Down, not out

Not all will walk with you to the end

Some will leave midway

There’ll be those you choose to leave behind

Even though they wished to stay

Some will reach out when you stumble

Some may stand and watch you crawl

But YOU are your best bet darling

No one can replace YOU , none at all

Each one has their own battles

There’s only that much that one can do

If you’ve got to rise from the ashes

You’ve got to find strength to live anew

Every time you think you are alone

Wondering how you’ll make it through

Listen to the Keeper of the stars saying,

” There’s so much left inside of YOU”.

( I must thank three people I’ve met on WP who’ve reached out when I’ve been low , Nee my sweetheat , K who manages to put a smile on my face with all his encouragement  and H who made me believe in myself when I was in the dumps. I hope someday Nee reads this , I know K will and I hope H finds peace always 🙂 )






A clown’s charade

Looking into the mirror

staring at the mask

could I rip it off just tonight

a feeble whisper asks

Can I scream but not be heard

and cry till I fall asleep?

can spurious strength be laid to rest ?

can I show them gashes that run deep ?

Can jaded shoulders lay low for now ?

Can I befriend darkness till dawn?

Can I dance my pain away tonight ,

without thinking of the morn?

Can I steal some fire from the stars

and burn the rot that weights me down?

or must I paint over painful tears

and live through this circus like a clown ?










Scarlet Heart

Unlike a chaste white lilly

immaculte and so pure

cheeks rouged with impish blush

her scarlet heart did lure

Fervid moments of playfulness

pricked fingers bled beads of red

those soft caresses now withdrawn

her petals torn to shreds

Fleetingly crushed for fragrance

the loving hand has pulled away

like smoldering embers, still , her withering heart

bleeds affection everyay .






I remember how I let you into my soul

through kohl -smudged windows draped with fear

on nights when half moons of dark

drowned in sacred pools of tears

I remember leading you into obscure recesses

where unhealed wounds had lurked

and how I lay bare each bruise

knowing you’d look beyond the murk

I remember the glint of joy you brought me

when unfriendly hands of time smothered

I remember how I was set free

I remember you each time I fly untethered .


— sometimes a certain day and a particular person remain etched in your memory forever 🙂





Siesta Special

It’s a hot saturday …perfect to laze and that’s exactly what I’m doing .  I thought it would be nice to post a few siests special photographs 🙂

Happy lolling !


Looks a lot like me ..tongue out ! From Bali


The King decides to nap


You are not alone ….I will nap with you !


Pumba !!! Hakuna matata


Himalayan Wolf – Snoozing in Darjeeling


Slouch and slump – R’s pic


Spotted in Hyderabad


Quiet and cosy Hyena










Beautifully blemished

Buried deep inside

some feelings must remain

for not all can fathom

the grit behind the pain


Where you see purpose

they might see naught

your scars mean nothing

nor the battles you’ve fought


Unrequited love endures

some might say it does not

let them call it tainted or tattooed

this unbridled heart is an inkblot














Love inexplicable

I dread it when I’m asked by you

If I still feel the way I do

I cannot lie , you know I won’t

Does it matter if I do or don’t ?

Don’t search for answers that may bring you pain

Don’t ask me why , I can’t explain

My lips might try  to lie and soothe

But unbidden tears will give away the truth.

The love I feel won’t fade away

In an alcove in my heart , he’ll always stay

Don’t look bewildered, this is me

Let the heart keep loving , let it be.