Do not keep calm ….Christmas is coming !

Red , green , white , gold and glitter dominate my home already . No , the decorations are still waiting to get out of their boxes, but there’s paper , ribbons, gifts and envelopes all over. I have been warned not to open the craft boxes today and rest for a bit. That explains why I have time for a post 🙂

Sharing a few designs …hoep you like them !


Working with crayon after years ! Was so much fun 🙂



For my  cousin brother who will spend his first Christmas away from home 😦


There’s something about receiving and sending out cards that makes me really happy. My dad used to post christmas cards for many years until he was really ill two years ago . From then on, I have tried to post a few cards every year , not as many as dad though.


Merry and Bright . Using the bits of paper I have .


The inspiration to send out handmade cards came about four years ago and all credit goes to my dearest friend M. Her hands create magic with the least amount of things and her cards are eagerly awaited.


Oh Christmas tree !


I finsihed a few cards and am ready to post the first batch . Am not sure when am going to sit down and do the rest. With carpenters and painters all over the place, it’s just so messy. There’e also a party for the family soon after Christmas and preparations are on in full swing , am done with a few thank you tags to go along with the party favors.

Thank you SNOW much  tags – ten down !

With about 42 presents still to wrap , a dozen or more cards to do , the props for our photbooth , the decorations for the party and the making of sweets which will take up the entire week before Chrismtas , am sure this is going to be one busy month . I can’t keep calm , christmas is coming !!!!




19 thoughts on “Do not keep calm ….Christmas is coming !

      1. maureenrose7

        ah I kinda do! I never took my two large trees down allll year this past year!! hahaa I would find special ornaments and come home in like august in shorts and add decorations to the trees!! hahaa no kidding ❤ they were so magical looking and they still make me happie to look at so why take them down?!

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      2. Ah !!! I wish I could do that too. The dearth of space in our small homes in Bombay makes that kinda impractical . But you are so lucky and can only imagine how pretty everything looks in your house , knowing the creatvie streak in you 🙂 Keep sparkling !

        Liked by 1 person

      3. maureenrose7

        Yes that is the only reason I could do it this past year the home I live in is roomy so I didnt have to move any furniture to fit the trees and thank you so much for saying I also have a 5 foot tree in my bedroom…stayed up all year hahaa and yup I had it lit through the summer especially if it was stormy out or gloomy it cheered me right up! XO! Take care sweetheart and have so much fun!!

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  1. I remember visiting my friend in college during Christmas. The feast on the table was like heaven on earth , especially for anyone coming from a hostel. I loved the party favor tags .. It is so sweet that you send cards during this time! Have a wonderful time!

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    1. Thanks Hira. Yes it’s quite a feast . That’s the week most of us gain a few inches around the waist . We have only Easter and Christmas to really feast so we make the most of it . Snail mail and opening envelopes have a charm that no e card or message can ever make up for .


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