Christmas is coming ! Handmade happiness :)

Last year we had begun preparing for Christmas around this time . Shopping for presents and wrapping them , making the cards and posting them , a few handmade ornaments and decorations, getting the sweets ready , baking …… the daunting list was easy to handle and with some good planning we had a fun festive season. This year I am not too sure about the cards and we may cut down on the sweets too. I seem to have no energy and the hub is having a super busy time . I hope we can still do most of the stuff we usually do in preparation for the best time of the year . For now, I am listening to a few carols and looking at last year’s festive fun .

A few cards we made last to send out to family and friends.







This one was sent to family in Goa




The Goan Baath – Coconut and Semolina cake



Making out tags and wrapping all the presents at home:)



Homemade rum balls – yum !




Using toilet rolls to make a few window decorations



Our little snowman made in 2014 . Having fun with waste and scraps.

I hope there’ll be some energy and time for us to get a few things done this year and to those who’ve begun the countdown ..have fun !

















12 thoughts on “Christmas is coming ! Handmade happiness :)

  1. I was scrolling down and smiling at how beautiful the cards are and then the GOAN BAATH STOLE MY HEART AWAY!!! 😉
    I really do hope you have the time and energy to do all that and more this year and that you have a wonderful Christmas. It’s a festival that comes only once a year, don’t shy away from making it a beautiful memory 🙂

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