Celebrating us !

Happy eighth Ry – with all my love and madness and more 

For the sane times and the crazy days

For bringing back my smiles on those deep blue days

For seeing me fall and rise and fall

For understanding who I really am , beyond the names I’m called

For holding my hand when I’m writhing in pain

For teaching me what it is to dance in the rain

For showing me your scars and accepting mine

For celebrating our imperfections , for believing we’re fine


For the giggles, the songs , the games , the fights

For the warm embraces and those velvet nights

For letting me live and love the way I do

For letting me journey through life with you

Thank you .

( For the toughest year I gave you , I am sorry and for the way you’ve seen me through , I’m proud of you. God bless you Ry. ) For the 16 years of oink oink times ….cheers ! Hope you love the cake 🙂


5 thoughts on “Celebrating us !

  1. Pri wow that’s an amazing cake there and the piggies are cute and the writing is very beautiful ” Still dirty”, hehe. I liked the ode of your lovely love life. Was yours a love marriage – 16 years?? Mmmmm just curious. The feeling in the poem is awesome. True a good relationship shares every emotions. Lovely darling. Belated wishes and wishing you many more years of togetherness.

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