Fondant flashback !

Have been wondering about what to bake this year for our eighth anniversary . With just a day left to figure that out, I began looking at different fondant fun times I’ve had in the last year and a half. Haven’t really been able to work with fondant as much as I’d like to but found these in my folder . Brought back some wonderful moments from some very special days 🙂


Our seventh anniversary cake –  Owlways best friends !


Mum in Law’s birthday – double fun !


From the first fondant class !!! Just couldn’t get the smooth finish right 😦

Fondant is fun but so much work …I think this year it will be more basic . Any ideas ?






22 thoughts on “Fondant flashback !

  1. Very impressive!! I have never tried my hand at fondant, somehow I don’t like the taste! I prefer frosted cakes. But I definitely want to try my hand on fondant at least once just so I cant tick that off my to do list 😀 Happy anniversary in advance 🙂 Stay blessed both of you’ll 🙂

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  2. Hey dear I have been hibernating for so long that I missed a lot of your posts. Sometimes am invisible. Fondant I like it but not so strong with it yet. Don’t like the sugar in it though. Liked you owlways cake. Looks so cute. And finally what did you bake for your anniversary ?? Just curious.

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