Sunday lunch date at Kyani and Co.


As an ex-xavierite , I have such fond memories of this Irani cafe .  A quick breakfast of Kheema pav and chai before we headed for lectures was a ritual then , and am sure it still is for many students even today.

Freshly baked bread at Kyani and Co. ( Goans and pav …inexplicable connection !)


Goodies in a jar ! They might have got a few spellings wrong , but some of these are just awesome . Clicked this while searching for wine biscuits.



The place looks almost the same as it did twenty one years ago when my music teacher took a group of us there after our practice session at Furtados.The cafe which is over a hundred years old has retained its character with its high ceiling, black bentwood chairs and checkered table cloths !


I still remember my first visit there with Mrs. Anchan. She introduced me to a pink fizzy drink that I had never tasted before – raspberry.

Although this one’s off limits for me now ,  the hub had one for old times’sake

It was also the first time I tasted the chicken puffs there and a few of their cakes .

Then in college ,  it became the perfect hang out as we waited for those endless photocopies of notes and reference sheets. Bun maska , Kheema pav , cakes and parcels to carry back home in crowded trains ! When we started dating , R and I would often make our way to Metro to catch a movie and a quick stop at Kyani and Co. was a given. It has been sixteen years and we both have grown more in love with the place .

A long drive on a lazy sunday afternoon , stopping by your favourite cafe which brings back wonderful memories and being allowed to binge after months makes for an unforgettabale date !

When you can’t eat Chicken Farcha …chicken cutlet is a substitute ( But my tummy knows better …there can be NO substitute for farcha ).

Kheema pav – R’s comfort food !


The first time I tried Chicken sali boti …it has always been Mutton sali boti for so many years but yesterday even this felt like heaven ! ( Restrcitions ..ouch !)


So what if you can’t have any ..the family sure can ! Chicken puffs , mutton patties , mava cakes and eclairs 🙂

Sometimes one hopes that things remain the same , naive thinking I know, but I still hope Kyani and Co. continues to charm the young and the old with its period setting and yummy goodness. Kyani and Co. always makes me happy and nostalgic and yesterday was a very special date …thank you BFF !


13 thoughts on “Sunday lunch date at Kyani and Co.

    1. Yesssss…when Mumbai was Bombay , CST was VT and going to Dhobi talao ( the goans called it that and still do ) meant Metro , Furtados and one of the Goan clubs to meet relatives who were ready to sail !!!
      When orange hoardings didn’t mar the beauty of the area around the station ( like they did yesterday) , when Rhythm house was a treasure trove where you found Beethoven and Chopin , when Planet M and Mc Donald didn’t exist !!! Oh those days …..when Bombay was lovable ..much more than it is today .
      Thanks R ….you made me jog dowon that lane too 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh Pri!! I’m literally drooling all over my screen. As an ex-Xavierite, I can totally relate to you!! Love their mawa cakes & puffs, and the raspberry drink 😀 Also love the custard and bread pudding, mom would be lucky to get some sometimes before everything was wiped off!! Bun maska an all time favorite along with their yummy tea 🙂 Now I miss wine biscuits. Sigh! I wish I could just hop over there right now 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didnt see this message sorry !!! You are an ex – xavierite …woohooooooooooooo !
      Am wondering if we ever crossed paths !!!
      I forgot the bread pudding mention in my post….love it !!!
      That place was heaven for us and easy on the pockets too . I wish they had branches closer home !!

      Liked by 1 person

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