Every walk in nature…

….. reveals a little magic 🙂

I almost didn’t see this one…looked like a leaf from a distance


Like a flaming torch


Sun-kissed wings !


Wings on fire

from somewhere in the Sahyadris 🙂





16 thoughts on “Every walk in nature…

  1. I remember the yellow one, during childhood days, was easy to catch of them all, and release after some time, then there was some yellow dust stuck on our fingers, making their wings weak, and slowly, catching progressed to just watching…

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    1. Oh yes ! They are easy to catch , although I have never really done that , but they do flutter lesser than the others , atleast that’s what I’ve observed . Yellow dust ..I wonder what that is ..will read up on that , Thank you for sharing that bit of information . These beauties are always a delight to watch 🙂

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  2. Heartless that we were as kids, we even “pressed” some of these lovely creatures within the folds of heavy books – to ‘display’ on a chart paper for a school project! And never once dod our teachers say this was NOT done! Lovely pictures!

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