Do not keep calm ….Christmas is coming !

Red , green , white , gold and glitter dominate my home already . No , the decorations are still waiting to get out of their boxes, but there’s paper , ribbons, gifts and envelopes all over. I have been warned not to open the craft boxes today and rest for a bit. That explains why I have time for a post 🙂

Sharing a few designs …hoep you like them !


Working with crayon after years ! Was so much fun 🙂



For my  cousin brother who will spend his first Christmas away from home 😦


There’s something about receiving and sending out cards that makes me really happy. My dad used to post christmas cards for many years until he was really ill two years ago . From then on, I have tried to post a few cards every year , not as many as dad though.


Merry and Bright . Using the bits of paper I have .


The inspiration to send out handmade cards came about four years ago and all credit goes to my dearest friend M. Her hands create magic with the least amount of things and her cards are eagerly awaited.


Oh Christmas tree !


I finsihed a few cards and am ready to post the first batch . Am not sure when am going to sit down and do the rest. With carpenters and painters all over the place, it’s just so messy. There’e also a party for the family soon after Christmas and preparations are on in full swing , am done with a few thank you tags to go along with the party favors.

Thank you SNOW much  tags – ten down !

With about 42 presents still to wrap , a dozen or more cards to do , the props for our photbooth , the decorations for the party and the making of sweets which will take up the entire week before Chrismtas , am sure this is going to be one busy month . I can’t keep calm , christmas is coming !!!!




Pudding up a quick treat !

Four brown bread slices , an egg , some sugar , some milk and a super craving for something sweet resulted in this quick pudding ! I had a generous portion and it felt sooooooooo good !

Yum freshly baked warm pudding = Afternoon delight !

What went in  –

  • Four slice brown bread ( cut the edges)
  • I tbsp butter ( apply ligthly on one side of each bread )
  • I cup milk ( warm)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Vanilla essence  – 1 tsp
  • Nuts ( I used cashew  nuts , a few raisins )
  • Saffron
  • Cinnamon powder


Step 1 – cut the edges of the brown bread , apply butter on one side of each slice , cut cubes and arrange in the baking dish


Warm 1 cup milk and dissolve sugar


One egg whisked


Add the whisked egg to the milk and sugar , let the milk cool before you do or else the egg begins to form lumps . Pour over the bread.


Let the bread soak for about 5 minutes ( preheat the oven for 5 minutes)


Top it with nuts , cinnamon powder and some saffron and into the oven it goes for 40 minutes


Out  and inside the tummy in a jiffy 🙂

and then a nap – priceless !
















Christmas is coming ! Handmade happiness :)

Last year we had begun preparing for Christmas around this time . Shopping for presents and wrapping them , making the cards and posting them , a few handmade ornaments and decorations, getting the sweets ready , baking …… the daunting list was easy to handle and with some good planning we had a fun festive season. This year I am not too sure about the cards and we may cut down on the sweets too. I seem to have no energy and the hub is having a super busy time . I hope we can still do most of the stuff we usually do in preparation for the best time of the year . For now, I am listening to a few carols and looking at last year’s festive fun .

A few cards we made last to send out to family and friends.







This one was sent to family in Goa




The Goan Baath – Coconut and Semolina cake



Making out tags and wrapping all the presents at home:)



Homemade rum balls – yum !




Using toilet rolls to make a few window decorations



Our little snowman made in 2014 . Having fun with waste and scraps.

I hope there’ll be some energy and time for us to get a few things done this year and to those who’ve begun the countdown ..have fun !
















Is that me ?


Yes  Yes Yes .

Mum sent me a picture from my scrapbook and I could hardly recognize myself . I was six at the time and this was taken before my first bharatnatyam performance. I still remember being taken to class by my grandmother who wanted me to learn a classical dance form . I loved wearing ghungroos (feet bells)  at the time and never missed class. Am not sure why I stopped learning  or where those ghungroos are. This picture makes me wonder how I managed dancing in that costume . My mum says I threw a fit when I saw all that foundation and lisptick to be put on ….haha! Am not surprised , I still do !

Celebrating us !

Happy eighth Ry – with all my love and madness and more 

For the sane times and the crazy days

For bringing back my smiles on those deep blue days

For seeing me fall and rise and fall

For understanding who I really am , beyond the names I’m called

For holding my hand when I’m writhing in pain

For teaching me what it is to dance in the rain

For showing me your scars and accepting mine

For celebrating our imperfections , for believing we’re fine


For the giggles, the songs , the games , the fights

For the warm embraces and those velvet nights

For letting me live and love the way I do

For letting me journey through life with you

Thank you .

( For the toughest year I gave you , I am sorry and for the way you’ve seen me through , I’m proud of you. God bless you Ry. ) For the 16 years of oink oink times ….cheers ! Hope you love the cake 🙂

Fondant flashback !

Have been wondering about what to bake this year for our eighth anniversary . With just a day left to figure that out, I began looking at different fondant fun times I’ve had in the last year and a half. Haven’t really been able to work with fondant as much as I’d like to but found these in my folder . Brought back some wonderful moments from some very special days 🙂


Our seventh anniversary cake –  Owlways best friends !


Mum in Law’s birthday – double fun !


From the first fondant class !!! Just couldn’t get the smooth finish right 😦

Fondant is fun but so much work …I think this year it will be more basic . Any ideas ?





Sunday lunch date at Kyani and Co.


As an ex-xavierite , I have such fond memories of this Irani cafe .  A quick breakfast of Kheema pav and chai before we headed for lectures was a ritual then , and am sure it still is for many students even today.

Freshly baked bread at Kyani and Co. ( Goans and pav …inexplicable connection !)


Goodies in a jar ! They might have got a few spellings wrong , but some of these are just awesome . Clicked this while searching for wine biscuits.



The place looks almost the same as it did twenty one years ago when my music teacher took a group of us there after our practice session at Furtados.The cafe which is over a hundred years old has retained its character with its high ceiling, black bentwood chairs and checkered table cloths !


I still remember my first visit there with Mrs. Anchan. She introduced me to a pink fizzy drink that I had never tasted before – raspberry.

Although this one’s off limits for me now ,  the hub had one for old times’sake

It was also the first time I tasted the chicken puffs there and a few of their cakes .

Then in college ,  it became the perfect hang out as we waited for those endless photocopies of notes and reference sheets. Bun maska , Kheema pav , cakes and parcels to carry back home in crowded trains ! When we started dating , R and I would often make our way to Metro to catch a movie and a quick stop at Kyani and Co. was a given. It has been sixteen years and we both have grown more in love with the place .

A long drive on a lazy sunday afternoon , stopping by your favourite cafe which brings back wonderful memories and being allowed to binge after months makes for an unforgettabale date !

When you can’t eat Chicken Farcha …chicken cutlet is a substitute ( But my tummy knows better …there can be NO substitute for farcha ).

Kheema pav – R’s comfort food !


The first time I tried Chicken sali boti …it has always been Mutton sali boti for so many years but yesterday even this felt like heaven ! ( Restrcitions ..ouch !)


So what if you can’t have any ..the family sure can ! Chicken puffs , mutton patties , mava cakes and eclairs 🙂

Sometimes one hopes that things remain the same , naive thinking I know, but I still hope Kyani and Co. continues to charm the young and the old with its period setting and yummy goodness. Kyani and Co. always makes me happy and nostalgic and yesterday was a very special date …thank you BFF !