It’s ok

It’s ok to rip the mask and to bare all

To bring down brick by brick that unflinching wall

It’s ok sometimes to wail in pain

And let tears fall without restrain

It’s ok to scream and wonder why

And look up blankly at the sky

It’s ok to let your jaded body be still

And not hurriedly rouse a weakened will

It’s ok to wish it was easier than it is

To plead to fate ‘not now , not this’

It’s ok sometimes to want to flee

Where eyes that judge you cannot see

It’s ok if none can understand

They simply cannot , though you think they can

It’s ok to celebrate each bruise , each scar

Sometimes it’s ok to be what you are

It’s ok to flounder and stagger and fall

Until you find strength to rise and stand tall





28 thoughts on “It’s ok

  1. Ah! I know everything. Am ok. Good for you 🙂 Off on a two month’s vacation , am sure the LOVER knows where we are going . See you there then and bring your son along , the entire family would love to meet him 🙂 Until then , Happy Hallucinations ! Lol


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