Durpin Hill : A monastery , bright murals and nature’s majesty

Durpin Hill is one of two hills in Kalimpong , West Bengal. The  Zang Dhok Palri Monastery looks gorgeous against the backdrop of mountains and plays hide and seek with clouds.

Prayer wheels around the temple

Bright wall murals and a repository of 108 volumes of Kangyur (translated words of the Buddha) and other holy scrolls and books from Tibet that were carried by the Dalai Lama to India after the Chinese invasion and its Buddhist architectural style of construction make this monastery special.

Wall mural
Another wall mural


The Dalai Lama consecrated this monastery six years after its construction.

Work on the ceiling
Ancient holy scrolls
Colourful shelves behind the altar


From the Altar




Driving to Durpin hill

The Durpin hill is a vantage point offering a scenic view of the entire town and the hill is therefore called ‘Durpin’ which means ‘binoculars’ in the Nepali language. The Teesta river flowing , the tea estates on the way and a beautiful golf course are all sights to behold , making the journey even more memorable.

Stopping to admire the Teesta
The Golf course on the way 




16 thoughts on “Durpin Hill : A monastery , bright murals and nature’s majesty

    1. Oh yes Radhika, I did go the Golden temple at Kushalnagar in Coorg two years ago . That was pretty too.
      I visited seven monasteries during my trip to Sikkim this May , most don’t allow photography inside , this one was an exception .

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