Singshore Bridge and a Newari Meal

A quaint suspension bridge in Sikkim ,  some distance away from Pelling , is breathtaking.Connecting two gorges in West Sikkim , this is the second highest suspension bridge in the Asian continent. Surrounded by waterfalls , prayer flags swaying and splendid views of verdant valleys, this is a lovely place to visit .


The bridge from a distance
Like a swing in mid air
Prayer flags adorn the sides of the bridge
From the side

On the other side of the bridge is a little eatery that serves Newari food .Newar are the indigenous people from Kathmandu in Nepal. Many have crossed over to India and settled in Sikkim. I opted for the thali ( a full meal) and it was so different from anything I have ever had.


The meal is called ja which means rice accompanied with vegetables , a curry and some chicken ( mine was a non vegetarian meal)

A side dish of fermented mustard leaves ‘gundruk’ is their specialty . Sun dried , it didn’t look very appealing , but the taste was rather nice . I enjoyed it . There was also a soup made of those leaves , Gundruk ko  jhol ( see the small steel bowl) . I didn’t enjoy that much . The tarkari ( vegetable siders) were all yum .nepali-roti-1

I also tasted Gwarmari ( Nepali fried bread ) and Sel-roti ( rice flower fried bread that looks like a doughnut). These are really tasty when had hot and fresh.

Walking mid-air , tasting Nepali treats and enjoying the pristine surroundings is a perfect way of spending a quiet evening in Pelling.


41 thoughts on “Singshore Bridge and a Newari Meal

    1. Ah ! It was a scary experience at first every time a vehicle passed by , then I was too lost admiring the beauty around to care.
      Haha….I guess just their tradition of tying them to sanctify the surroundings in general . I saw them everywhere , even on smaller bridges .

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