Hark ! Flowers speak


Even if you are alone

Smaller than the rest

Delight a tired soul

And your day will be blessed


Look up to the sunshine

Despite the turbid sky

Seize every moment

Even though the end is nigh


Live and love to the fullest

Half-hearted bids will lead to gloom

Make that journey count

The one from womb to the tomb


There is a light within you

Do not shy , just let it show

Some will see your beauty

Of which others may never knowDSC_0542.JPG

Join the chorus of chirping birds

Sing praises of sun and rain

Know one day you’ll turn to dust

Vanity will be in vain



29 thoughts on “Hark ! Flowers speak

  1. Having no mouth
    But they speak
    So much of words
    Mild and meek.

    No eyes
    But still can see
    Bury thoughts into me.

    No ears,
    But still they hear
    My cries my every tear.
    Have no arms,

    But seem to pat
    When with worries my heart is fat.

    Have no feet,
    But walk with me
    In my dreams and talk.

    They are so nice
    Spread their fragrance a million miles.

    Grow a few and then you’ll know
    How your life is fresh and new.

    With smile so broad
    I thank my God

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    1. Thank God for these reminders
      That come in different hues
      For petals that sway in the breeze
      And chase away the blues .
      The Master up there knew
      We hurry through days , through the hours ,
      So he planted some of his angels here
      Those that we call flowers 🙂
      Thank you Kiran for your lines ! Made me add some more too 🙂 Bless you .

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  2. I really like your work! I am not a poet and I do not understand much about poetry but I do know what I like and what makes me feel something. I realize you were talking about flowers and I think this was wonderful but when I went back and re-read it another couple of times I could imagine you talking about people as well. I even imagined photos of peoples faces replacing the pictures of flowers. I think this is really beautiful!

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    1. I fall short of words to express my gratitude to you for these encouraging lines. It is so heartening when someone so far away can read one’s work for what it really is. Thank you for being so kind and taking the time to re-read and delve into what these lines in fact implied . Sending you a hug . Bless you , Pri.


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