Tattered robes might eclipse

A shimmering heart of gold

Those we call faint-hearted

May have valiant tales untold

Placid waters , unruffled tones

Who knows what depths they veil

Steadfast hands you thought would hold you

Let go promptly in storm and hail

Gnarled trees may bear sweet fruit

Wrinkled faces may have secrets to reveal

Can flawed impressions be rectified ?

Will unseeing eyes begin to heal?

About the picture : What looked like a flower from a distance , was a succulent plant instead . I saw this in Pelling .

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22 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. No, you expressed quite clearly, don’t take things at first glance…don’t judge a book by its cover. I was trying to be clever. Mishmash would imply disjointed, messy and unfocused, but your poem was crystal clear. Irony.

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    1. Oh gosh ! Missed the mark there completely . Sorry bout that . Sigh of relief my message was clear . I tend to sometimes have oblique references ( mishmash muddle ) , I thought this was one of those . Bless you poison 🙂

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