To our little miracle

Are you listening to us

Oh little one in there ?

Do you hear angel voices

As we lift you up in prayer?

Is my heart beat a lullaby?

And do you feel my fears?

I hope you know we’ll make it

Despite the pain and tears.

I know you believe daddy

When he whispers you’ll be fine

I’m sure you have a triumphant smirk

When he calls you ‘ little fighter of mine’

Know that you are a miracle

Engraved on the palm of God’s hand

He will see you through the storm

Just believe in His plan

Hang in there my sweetheart

It is not over yet

When the world says it’s impossible

He’ll make a way ….don’t forget.


34 thoughts on “To our little miracle

      1. It symbolises my situation and the faith in possibilities .out of the crevices , beauty blooms , out of the impossibilities , God has made a way for me . I thought it befitting the miracle we have been blessed with .

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  1. Pri very beautiful ode reflecting your present situation. I can understand your thankfulness and the fear within you. Just say this “I have not done any wrond so nothing wrong will come on to me”. This keeps us going. Fear will not help you in being thankful.

    My elder son used to vomit when he was small. If he vomits once he will keep that fear in his mind and keep vomiting. So we tell him think of something nice, whatever you like and he slowly overcame that. Same dear think of something nice. I agree it’s not easy but try and think of beautiful things. All our prayers are for you my dear.

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    1. Thanks Meena. Thank you for sharing from your life and I like the way you see things . I won’t say in don’t fear , but yes I don’t let that overshadow my faith . I strongly believe that there’s a plan and all we need to do is have courage to brave the storms . Affirmative thinking helps, you are right ! Thanks again and a big hug .

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  2. Thehungryballer

    For some reason these words make me feel as if God really has carved out a way for a beautiful ‘Little Miracle’ to enter this world (which you’ve been trying for) ! If it is so, then I can’t help telling you how happy I am for you 🙂

    Stay Blessed and happy ! And start watching cartoons (you need to be updated on the recent ones, you know !)

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    1. hahah , yes Ishu, you are so right . Bless you for understanding and warm hugs. You’ve been on my blogging journey for a very long time now and seen the ups and downs I’ve been through . Thank you for the concern and love always . I have to watch cartoons …true ! Thanks for the tip 🙂

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