If I could ….

If I could, I’d take you

to a secret elfin glade

where a lie was never spoken

and not a false promise made

If only I could , darling ,

I’d sing your pain away

I’d beguile the stars to linger

so you wouldn’t go away.

If my tears , like pixie dust,

could make your troubles fly

unbidden streams would flow

from my unwearied eyes.

In that enchanting elfin world

love wouldn’t be right or wrong

no mask or guise needed

to be extolled as being strong.

If kisses could cast magic spells

wounds would vanish without trace

in that elfin world , we’d be lost

locked in a warm embrace

If I could , I ‘d meet you once

and through my eyes I’d make you see

the wonder that you truly are

and how much you mean to me .

( For the one I’ve never met , but who matters much)


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