Sweets , cheese and a lavish thala in Kolkata

A few days ago I wrote about the fishy and meaty treats that I enjoyed in this wonderful city . Today , it’s all about sweets , more than a century old Jewish bakery , bandel cheese and a delicious spread at Kepwies .

I had read about Kewpies and wanted to sample the thala. This is Kewpies …an inviting cozy place …


I opted for the Amish thala , Gobindobhog bhaat with ghee (rice topped with clarified buter) ,Phulko Luchi ( like a puri), Kosha Mangsho ( mutton curry ), Daab chingri (prawn curry ) , Shukto ( vegetarian preparation), papor (papad) , pickle and mishti doi…and there’s more but I don’t remember the names !



Mishti dhoi and sandesh

Nahoum’s bakery is a Jewish bakery , 114 years old ! As I entered the new market area , it was a sea of people and it took me sometime to get to the bakery . It was nearly closing time . In a hurry , I picked a few things. Of them all , I liked the orange biscuits most and the chicken patties next.

Orange biscuits from Nahoum’s bakery

Rasgullas at KC Das …..’Soft and sweet gifts from food heaven’! I don’t know how many I must have eaten…… I tried restraint after the first one , then a weak resolve and these inviting spongy lovelies made me throw all caution to the wind .

Spongy , sweet and soft

Mr Sweet tooth picked a few assorted sweets. I don’t know what each is called , I tasted the yellow one but found it too sweet .


I was told these are mawa sandesh .
Baked Rasgulla at Bhojohari Manna

Finally found bandel cheese , smoky and crumbly , originating from the erstwhile Portuguese colony Bandel in East India. Two varieties , white (plain) and brown (smoked). A poor quality picture , but this is all I have.

I liked the smoky one more !



21 thoughts on “Sweets , cheese and a lavish thala in Kolkata

      1. Hi dear, Yes I met a Bengali friend, through a foodie group. I have tried 2 of her recipes, Bengali dum aloo and doi begun, both of which I have blogged about. My recent posts aren’t showing up on the reader after I moved to a self hosted site. I’m working it out with Jetpack, hope it’s resolved sooner! I really want to try hilsa fish, but looks like I would have to make a trip to Kolkata for that 🙂

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