Where there’s a sweet tooth….

there’s a cake ! Bake or NO BAKE !

I mentioned a few days ago , the microwave at home has conked off , but this is no spoiler for the hub who absolutely loves sweets .

A quick  online search resulted in a quick sweet fix ! Luckily we had all the ingredients and he managed this in less than an hour. As this was his first time trying this out , Mr. Sweet Tooth used smaller proportions of ingredients . It was fun to watch him in action . I have posted the link to the original recipe at the bottom . Mr experimenter added almonds and skipped the  vanilla extract .

I was a spectator in the kitchen and here’s what I observed …..

120 grams of nutri choice biscuits 
A few walnuts and almonds toasted on medium flame for about 4 minutes

About two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of cocoa powder mixed and then water added gradually , stirring well.


Over medium heat , add butter (  He added one and  a half tablespoons) and stir for about five minutes

When this is done , let it cool for about ten minutes and then add this syrup to the biscuits and nuts !

The nutty , buttery and chocolaty ……super tempting !
Transferred to a tin lined with butter and flattened at the top using the back of a spoon and refrigerated for  30 minutes
Chocolate ganache prepared using Amul fresh cream and 100 gm dark chocolate
The cake out of the tin in 30 minutes and ganache on top !
Decorate with Almond slivers 
Enjoy a slice !

What do you think ?

Here’s the link to the original recipe.









20 thoughts on “Where there’s a sweet tooth….

    1. Jaggery…that used to be my grandma’s fix too ! The experimenter is definitely not me in our home , in fact I took up baking only to satiate those sudden sweet desires of Mr. Sweet tooth . Am not a big fan of sweets myself . An occasional indulgence but that’s that . Have a nice start to the week R. 🙂

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