Happiness is finding your school drawing book!

A  stained book , school memories and  the common man !

I’ve been on a decluttering and sorting out spree for the past few days . Among old cards , letters, photographs , slam books and diaries , I found an old drawing book from when I was in secondary school . My mum is quite a keeper and although it isn’t something I always appreciate , this time I am so grateful.


Sunanda ma’am must have told us to draw what we like , anything we wanted ( she was liberal and fun!) . I was clearly inspired by R K Laxman at the time ( my attempted crow and my own take on the common man’s woes in crowded buses explains that). Am not sure why and how I came up with this ,  but am glad I found this .dsc_0509



16 thoughts on “Happiness is finding your school drawing book!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to go back to childhood and see the lovely memories ..soooo sweet of your mommy to store them away..real souvenirs they are..The drawing of the crow and RK Laxman is enough to make one nostalgic..post more..wanto see more of the the artistic Pri..

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    1. Nee !!!!! It is indeed wonderful 🙂 Mama has stored my doll’s clothes too …lol
      I will post soon . Have so much sorting out to do . Everyday I find something new . Am putting them away carefully now . How have you been ? Any news on pumpkin ?

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    1. Yes , I used to love the cartoons in the newspaper. Someone had gifted my mum a coffee table book with his cartoons and a few fun facts . It is there that I read about his love for crows 🙂 I used to dread buses as a child , this drawing probably stems from that fact too ….lol Thanks R.

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